4 star yellow troops hard to get?

I’ve got at least 2 4* of each color.

But no yellow 4 star. Is it just bad luck or… In the mean time is it making sense to level 3 stars as far as possible? I’m playing since februar this year.

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I’ve heard they are very hard to get. I am missing Yellow and Red myself.

Not to worried, they will come…maybe…

It think any 4* troop is difficult to get but for me personally, yellow was the easiest to get. Ive gotten at least 4 of both troop variant. I got all the rest of the 4* troops using the epic troop tokens

It took me seven months to get a full set of 4* troops. Admittedly, they have made getting them randomly much, much harder than before.

I have a 4* in each color EXCEPT yellow. So sad =(

Edit: I also have like 10s of purple 3* it seems the skeletons really like me.

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I have 2 of each color as well but no yellow

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Whereas both of my accounts are overflowing with yellow 4* but had a horrid time getting red.

I think it’s random. Everyone seems to have trouble with one or two colors in particular, but it’s never the same colors from person to person. For me red and blue are the easy colors with several of each, but it was over a year before I got a 4* yellow or green, and I still don’t have yellow crit or green mana types.

This could be coincidence but I also miss a 4* yellow troop, while I have two different 4* troops for every other color.

I happen to have three 4* yellow troops and none of any other color… It’s just hard in general I guess

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I miss yellow and green.

I only have yellow 4* (1) and green 4* (1) troops.
All other colors seem to elude me for months…

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I think we all have some colors that are harder to come by, for me yellows are plentiful

Lol, for me, all 4* stroops EXCEPT purple and yellow are hard to get. I have three purple and two yellow but I have already lost hope I’ll ever see a 4* troop in one of the remaining colours. And I’ve been playing for 10 months. So you’ve had better luck with troops than me. xD

For me it was blue and yellow, waited forever, but collected over 200 feeder troops in the meantime :slight_smile:
On the other hand, I have 4 green 4* troops, unfortunately all the same ents…

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