4 Star Work

Hi all. Need to take advantage of a down period in my 5* ascension works as I am still short of matts.

With that in mind I have the luxury to work on my 4*

Considering I expect to get my 6th Tonic soon, I will be working up Tox next, but that aside can I have views on which 4 stars to focus on next

Hansel, mist, jackal, falcon, a couple of more proteus? :slight_smile:

I note you have Merlin, Hansel and Gretel but haven’t levelled any of them. I know Chao cuts mana but he isn’t in the same league. May I recommend them? They’re fun.

Gafar also has his uses.

On the red front, don’t leave Falcon hanging, Scarlett is very popular for her high attack stat (I would suggest levelling her costume but not wearing it) and Gormek is a mini minion murderer. People also swear by Sumle for his enormous damage, but the miss can be annoying; this is why he is often paired with Wilbur, who I see you also have. Oh, and best get a Boldtusk up. You can’t have too much healer choice.

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You need more healer for wars. Boldtusk, Rigard, Kiril and Brynhild ( as you do not have Melendor)

The other heroes mentioned above are also fine, but for me you need more healer.

My suggestions are:

Purple - I really like Fura, then do Merlin
Yellow - Finish Jackal and Mist
Blue - Grimm, then Sapphire or Jott
Green - I’d finish Hansel and Peters
Red - Finish Falcon, then do Boldtusk

Amazing advice everyone, thanks

Having played the RoW challenge levels it has made me think of captain :gem:

Is he actually any good? Love the art work and the special

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