4 star heroes solid team

I was just wondering out of the 4 star heroes what sélection would be solid atm I’m running buffer healer and 3 snipers… Could anyone give some idea’s here. Many tnx in advance

3 Snipers arent good option vs equal power team… why? If they cant kill on their own, not much is done to the enemy team. I would suggest you to switch 1 or two snipers for area dmg heroes, unless your supports and healers also do dmg.

Well for 4 stars my aoe char go to would be Colen then I guess although fura is almost max lvl could she count as well for that option my dear friend?

Colen is probably better than Fura on D.

Fura doesn’t have the survivability for D and her special has the best impact timed, which you can’t do on D. Her damage in and of itself from her special is fairly low too. Her special’s impact relies on the secondary conditions of it more than raw damage.

Colen isn’t necessarily better for survivability, but his special requires much less nuance and can be game changing if it goes off. This is especially true amongst fellow 4’s as cleansers at that level are rare compared to say debuffers. You not only need a cleanser but need it timed. Colen can help by being prioritized for targeting buying your other heroes time.

People would be willing take take Fura’s hit as a lesser of two evils pretty much all the time.

If you post your roster people may have more detailed advice too.

Good luck out there!


Solid to do what?


In yellow im missing Guardian Jackal. So put there li xiu, another gretel or something with high attack stat if you dont have G.Jackal.

To raids/war it depends on the enemy. The tank and flanks. You should be able to build 6 mono teams or be able to play with different combinations like 3-2 or 4-1

Key heroes to pvp

Mana controlers and Mana boosters/debbufers

Hansel, Gretel, Merlin, Proteus, peters, Brynhild, Mist, li xiu, Chao



BT, Kiril, Melendor, Sabina, gilinbursti, Lady woorleton

Fast Hard hitters
Triton, sapphire, ametrine, gafar, Kelile, Scarlett

Def down heroes

Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek/Wilbur.


Caedmon and costume, Sonya and costume

Then if you want to work on defense. Going rainbow is a good idea. You should protect each hero depending the colours and putting fast ones in the wing and average in the center.

Decent tanks

Boldtusk, Li xiu, Rigard, Boril, Cyprian, Brynhild and C.Kashrek.

Decent flanks

Tiburtus, Grimm, Sonya, li xiu among others

Good wings

Kelile, Caedmon, Triton, Hansel among others

There are lot of options and combinations. You can enjoy the game with a solid bench of 4☆. There are pretty good ones.

Colen is ok but squishy. You want to combine him with Wilbur and if you have falcon with him to do more damage. Sumle is another red aoe option.

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