4 star blue Sonya


Sonya is at level 53 with 3 ascention. I’ve quit using quit using her multiple times. It says she is supposed to remove buffs. Often she doesn’t. She is also supposed to be a strong single shot. When i pinpoint her too a specific attack, often times she attacks everyone and doesn’t do any damage to any of them. She will sometimes shoot at 2 or 3 of them at a time and still not do any damage. She is supposed to be fast. She is extremely slow. Sonya is the only hero I’ve had any concerns about. All others do exactly what they are supposed to do. Thank you.


From the animation it looks like she attacks everyone, but that’s just the ‘remove buffs from everyone’ part. She attacks only one. So yea, the animation is kinda misleading, but it works correctly.

What she doesn’t remove is the debuffs. Hopefully you didn’t want those removed from enemies.


She doesn’t remove the buffs most of the time. She is suppose to have a strong single shot. Most the time she doesn’t do any damage at all. In raids, I hate having her as an opponent. She is deadly. Mine is useless.


I have other hero’s that remove buffs. They do exactly what they should. When she is an opponent on a raids she removes my buffs Just fine. She is also extremely slow she should be fast. I tried 2 blue hero’s at same level. The other one fueled up twice (He is average speed) before she fueled up once. I’ve tried multiple ideas in using her before reporting this problem.


Well then yours is broken. Send it to SG for a free replacement.


Thank you!!! I’m glad I didn’t use her to train with. Have a blessed day


This is Sonya at maximum, with 8/8 Special.

How does yours compare?

Sonya is a FAST hero, but you will find she seems faster when she is defending…all heroes are. That’s how the game is set up.

Be sure to check your Special on your own card. If it is less than 8/8, you will naturally do less damage than a fully maxed Sonya.


Also, check to see whether Sonya is blinded when you fire her special. She has to make a saving throw against each foe to remove their buffs (as would any hero).


Unless you are using her with wu Kong or while blind, she will hit every time.


Send it to SG? how do I do that?


You can use this link to contact Game Support directly:



I have a fully ascended Sonya and Cademon. My Cademon sits on the shelf while Sonya often saves the day. Although they are identical except for color, I much prefer Lady Sonya.:face_with_monocle::smiley:


Provide video or pictorial proof please.

Sonya working just fine for me and literally everyone else in game; I suspect what is happening was mentioned in the second post TBH, though I admit I found that graphic confusing as well when they introduced it in 1.6 IIRC.


Yes, It’s hard for me to tell who she/Caed actually hit with the newer dispel animation.


I have no idea how to provide pictorial proof. It takes her more than
twice as long to load up for her special skill as it does another blue 4
star who is of average speed. For whatever reason she doesnt do what she
is supposed to do. All other heros work as described


It’s easy to tell she’s not working properly. Number 2 was incorrect. It is
not because the animation confuses me. It makes perfect sense in a raid
when she is an oponent.because she kills my heros with a one or 2 shot
kill. She also dispells all buffs. Im not asking for a fully ascended
sonya. Only where she is leveled up to at the moment. Thank you.have a
blessed day


Caedmon has higher offense and health but (much) lower defense than Sonya. 635 / 637 / 1128 vs. 607 / 731 / 1011. My preference is usually towards more offense, but they both have a place. In Knights of the Round you’ll want Caedmon (to avoid the blue reflective).


Put Sonya and others blues in your team, ideally at least two fast for the direct comparison but if average is what you have can do it. Picture them at zero mana with board, match 3 blue tiles, take another picture, and post. Can do it anywhere really.


That would be very simple excluding one small detail. I can’t take a
picture with my phone when I’m using my phone to play the game


No screen capture capability on any recent history IOS or Android device?

I didn’t think such things were even made anymore, that’s so last decade :frowning: