4* special slow to max out


Does anyone have any issues levelling the 4* hero’s special? I certainly have for 1 and it is worrying. Never had problem with other 4* or 5*


Wow, thats the first time i see something like this.

Even the more stubborn 4* i ever had reached max special before hitting last ascension.

Congrats, your Sabina is… Special :face_with_monocle:


My Sonya wouldn’t, but it wasn’t long after.

I recommend feeding 10 at a time to 4* heroes. Reduces the deviation, although as my Sonya demonstrates, does not eliminate it.


Only ever had issues with 3* because they level so quickly. I’m assuming you’re using all purples to level her up?


try one feeder at a time for 1% chance each. It’s still works out to 10% odds (out of 10 tries), but there is a CHANCE to raise for each hero fed. Technically you COULD get three levels from three feeder heroes, if you get very lucky.


Definitely use purple to level her. Tried in 10s, 5, 4. 10%, more than 20%. All din work for her


Am going to try 1 feeder, if she is max but special stuck then so be it


I was in the same situation with my first Grimm, but in the last level with 10x1* blue, it is very slow to level him, and he maxed out.
So don’t stress, I think you have some time :wink:


Feed purely 10x purple 1* IMO. Try it.


This will increase the deviation, and thereby the still slim chance that she doesn’t get to 8/8. Sure, it will increase the probability that she gets to 8/8 with fewer feeders; could even get there with three feeders. But that increase comes with the price of also increasing the probability of not getting there, as averages remain the same.

The only situation where I’d recommend one at a time, is when you stand to benefit from increased deviation, like if the hero is at level 69 and still at 6/8. :slight_smile:

This is good advice: 1* heroes give better chance of special increase per XP. Ten at a time reduces the deviation.


You must be feeding her traning heroes and all colors 1&2☆ feeders.
Its normal to hit maxed with out getting the 8/8.
No traning heroes to 3/4☆ heroes before the 8/8 is.


Actually have been feeding her 10 x 1* purple with some occasion of 2* in there. So she is really broken lol.

Just want to find out if anyone has any 4* hero who have level maxed but not the special.


Right here good sir.

Only 1* and 2* Purple. Tried one at a time and group feeding. Problem for me is I already have 2x maxed rigards (maxed their specials way before final ascension), so I have no intention of taking him to 4/1. If he doesn’t max his special then it’s not getting maxed ever… lol.

@Sidhekin, I didn’t know that. I thought one at a time was simply better (marginally so but still better). I’ll do 10x from here on out then. Got nothing to lose.


Ohhh look so similar.


Just another example of the gambling aspect to the game!


Keep in mind leveling slows down dramatically towards the high ends of ascension 4. I’ve had some slow ones before but they all got there. Keep feeding her purple. Make her a purple people eater!


Got it, now purely purple 1* and in 10s. Tried teice and she got a level up in her special. Its just too slow