4 Shields to 4/70 - Who gets them?

Hi all, appreciate any advice/feedback :slight_smile:

I don’t have a maxed green Hero at the moment and have the Shields to max one of them:

Caedmon or Hansel

Caed is currently 3/60 and Hansel is 2/31

(I levelled Caedmon 1st for his dispell abilities)

I want to have both maxed eventually but can’t decide which one to work on maxing first. Is a maxed Caedmon worth it as a long term hero or is it best maxing one of the best green 4*'s in Hansel ?

rest of my rainbow line up currently is BT, Boril, Li Xui & Rigs

Caedmon. I’m a big fan of dispellers.

Hansel is likely to be one of the strongest 4*…
Id do Hansel.

He also is a great hero for the emblem’s quests.


Caedmon gets my vote.

He hits harder, has much better def/HP, and provides that crucial dispel, which is important at your point in play where you see a lot of riposte defenses. Hansel is superb in other contexts, but as a “starter hero” Caedmon is more generally useful.


TY for replies, appreciated :slight_smile:

If say I was to level Sonya up for the dispell and have a line up with:

Sonya, BT, Li Xui, Rigs and then add Hansel would that be a better line up ?

I should add the rainbow team I’m trying to assemble is my offline def team

That does shift my thinking. If you have Sonya, then Hansel.


Go for Hans and take control over the most annoying hitter or healer.

Sadly Hans didn’t come up this time, but I pulled Gretel…

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Ahhh the decisions the decisions :stuck_out_tongue:

New leveling Hero project it is then: Hansel & Sonya :stuck_out_tongue:

TY all, much appreciated

In all fairness, there’s not much to choose between them and it really does come down to preference.

For me Caedmon is an ‘OK’ sniper who is quite squishy. His strength is that he is fast mana but his real bonus is the dispel.

I’d say that Caedmon is one who although quite good does get replaced much sooner than Hansel.

Hansel on the other hand is a bit more niche but if you have other heroes with mana based attacks such as Chao, Guinevere, Proteus, Merlin, etc then he can still find himself used a lot even if you have a nice roster of 5*'s and in quests, trials and events he’s pretty useful on boss characters.

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Screeny of my first 3 teams. Also have Sabina at 3/60 and Wu 3/4 leveled. I do have Frida, Alice & BossWolf but haven’t really touched them as wanted a few solid 4* teams first

You cant go wrong with both.

In the past, I leveled Caedmon first then Hansel.

Hansel is easily one of the best 4* around but very specific use.
Caedmon is more of an all rounder but could be replaced by Melendor once you have more shields.

Hansel , mana control will help much in Event

Ill go for hansel (killer with style)… its important for you to see there abilities like using them in quest… just observe and them decide which of them fit in your them…