4* Sergei's passive damage malfunction

Hello everyone,

lately I’ve noticed that Sergei’s passive damage is different depending on mana charge level. According to the description of his passive skill the damage should be always 100 %, only chance is 50 % on 1x Mana Charge or 100 % on 2x Mana Charge respectively.

I discovered that the damage is roughly 150 - 200 on 1x Mana Charge, but only 50-80 damage on 2x Mana Charge. Here are 2 videos from the very same raid firing Sergei under the same conditions - take Uraeus as a “training dummy”.

1x Mana Charge = 180 damage (video on YouTube here)
2x Mana Charge = 70 damage (video on YouTube here)

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On your first mana charge, cut off 54% of your armor and then strike.


Ita because passive applies after special skill. Passive after 1 charge hits after defense down and passive after 2 doesn’t.


Oh yes, @BanGan, @Radar1, you are both right. Nothing more to discuss here. Thanks :slight_smile:


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