4*'s for food? (Or what do you do?)

I know the conventional wisdom is keep all your 4*s as is… im a C2P player (basically F2P) saved up for two 10x Atlantis pulls… and now have 4 Ameonnas… not complaining, but I’m really not sure what to do with 4 of them. I have one levelled up (3/60) but not really sure I want to spend the time levelling 3 others. Would you use them as food or…?

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I’d keep them but not level all of them for now until you get your higher priority projects out of the way.

But then again I’d love to have 4 ameonnas

I agree with @Rigs, for a F2P/C2P and a good hero like Ameonna, I’d err toward keeping several copies.

When you get even more, then we’ll talk. :wink:

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Really Rigs?! How do you play her? i have her maxed up but still ain’t happy with her. i usually stack panther, aeron, rigard and proteus

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I just want her for her tile damage. Highest tile damage of any 4* dark(possibly any dark period) and self buffs +85% on top of that, thinkin a stack of 3 ameonnas +wilbur + panther could be some solid titan hits. Haven’t got to try her myself. RNGesus wont even give me a 4* lol

Guess tarlak or wu could be worked in there as well, but thr above team combo is what i have in mind to try out just out of curiosity


Tried her on titan. On higher level titans she has no place. Also she has no place in my raiding team not even against yellow tanks. In war I use her sometimes

Really? A friend added her to his 12* yellow titan team and said he was pretty happy with her but didnt talk hit amounts or specifics. I’d love to try her myself

But i think panther plays a key role in her titan success. She cant be buffed while she’s in ghost, so that either means buff her with out firing her special skill or debuff the crap out of the titan while she is in ghost form

Well I have a couple you can borrow :rofl:

Thanks for the input everyone, I guess I keep them all, level up slow while working on some others.

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Realistically you will never train more than three of even the best heroes, like Grimm or Boldtusk. I would feel comfortable eating any 4* beyond three of those grade-A heroes or beyond two of others.


  • space is cheap, and you never know what may change
  • ideally use big cards to feed heroes high in their development. Food cost rises as the hero’s level/ascension increase, but the cost is constant per card. You’ll save food by saving trainers and excess 3* 4* and 5* cards for late in the feeding. They’re the dessert…

If you want to bring Wilbur to yellow 12* to somehow survive you only have 3 purple (besides Tarlak or Wukong) those you need for elemental debuff(panther), attackbuff(khiona), healer(rigard or sabina or whstever works).

I dont see a hero that does nothing except tile damage to be usefull on 12*. Especially not when you bring tarlak or Wu because they dont affect her. But everyone has their own style of playing and limited heroes - so for some players she might be more usefull.

Personally I keep two of each and then feed the rest to themselves except for 5* heros. On those I keep a least a couple copies except for the likes of Richard and Thorne…I feed those bozo’s to whatever ice hero I’m currently leveling. I have a maxed Zimkitha but have 3 sitting on my bench at 1/1 I just fed 4 Onatel’s to the one I’m currently leveling and two more sitting on the bench…Depends on how deep a bench you want for War time

In my case I keep 2 of four star heroes I think having 2 of might make a difference. If not, Ill feed a four to a five, or another four, or to itself. But only because i have a full roster.

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