4*s as food

(Waiting for Rook to get back off the floor)

I have Skittle @1^1. My othr greens are Elkanen 2^40, LJ 3^60, Mel 3^60, Kashhrek 3^11 & Caedmon 3^10. There are two more of both LJ and Mel plus Brienne way back.

Since I am way past 30 heroes, is there any reason other than hoarding to keep the ugly green fella.

And, in a more general way, is there a single reason 4* s are untouchable. Arguing for one hero like Wu won’t work here.

I made more than 100 pulls on this event targeting guinevere, got around 40 new 4* all duplicates except Rigard. Less than one day after, I have only 3 Rigard and 3 other copies of 4* heroes at 1/1… the other 33 are already in the digestion process

I keep duplicates of every 4* I can get on general principle, because the devs have been known to rebalance cards, for good or for ill. I have the storage, so why not? I even have a third copy of a few of the more useful ones to eventually ascend for alliance wars, like Boldtusk. Healers mostly in that category.
That being said, any non-event 4* I get now is just more food for whatever hero of that color that I’m working on. There’s no inherent reason why they’re sacred, it’s just that they can be hard enough to get that throwing them away if you don’t already have a copy often leads to regret later on if you didn’t understand their special or the devs change something.
Just ask anyone who ate their Wu Kong because the miss chance makes him useless… or anyone who leveled the bunnies before the most recent changes and had them go from pretty pathetic to actually quite useful.

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I got to a point that I decided to max 1 of each 4* and use the rest as food. I do have 2 Marjana’s and 3 Domitia’s though. Have to train a lot of 5* before I eat those…

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The middle answer is Paulon’s: The Devs have changed the stats on “bad” heroes before; it might behoove you to keep em.

The straight answer: They are your heroes. You paid for em with either cash or time. What do you want to do with ‘em? :wink:


Personally, there are some 4-stars I can’t get enough of and some 4-stars that one is plenty. For example…

I keep all:

  • Wu Kong
  • Scarlett (HUGE attack stat, very good for AW even completely unleveled)
  • Any ramming pulverizer (Tiburtus, Grimm, Gormek)
  • Heal/Buff (Boldtusk, Kiril)
  • Fast strikers in general (very good for cleanup in AW - Kelile, Chao, Caedmon, Sonya)
  • Little John (I recently moved him from “some” to “all” because of his really high attack stat, which combines well with Wu Kong, BT, Kiril, and ramming pulverizers).
  • Event heroes (I have 6 Guardian falcons and they’re awesome in AW. Others include Jackal, Merlin, Lancelot, Cabin Boy Peters, the rabbits).
  • Melendor (high attack stat, clears buffs without dealing damage which is useful against perfect riposte…this is almost a “some” but the attack stat is so high)

I keep a couple:

  • Colen (shines as a defensive hero and if he goes off the attacker is in trouble, the attack stat is high enough to keep more than one for AW offensive teams).
  • Li Xiu (really good as a tank and flank, sometimes useful on offense in raid and AW to prevent opponents’ specials from firing).

I keep one:

  • Hu Tao (there are much better yellow options for defense. Doesn’t really do anything well, but he’s there if you have no other options - Honestly, I don’t even keep one since I have better options).
  • Kashhrek (AWESOME as a tank on defense, but that’s all he does).
  • Healers that don’t provide a buff (Healers are great on defense in raids and AW, not so great on offense - Sabina, Rigard) Note: Sabina’s attack and defense is lower than Melendor, so that’s what pushes her down in my mind. She’s useful as a second or third purple against yellow titans because her attack stat is higher than other purples.

I keep one of each as a rule of thumb. I still regret that Little John I fed. For the reasons @Rook posted also. Also while the extra, extra hero may seem unusable now, they might still be of use in time, if you for some reason decide to shuffle your AW teams. Can’t always foresee your future needs!

However, when I get more than one, they may end up becoming food after careful consideration - future needs and all. As a case in points this weekend I got a second Colen. With an Azlar in my bench as well (oh the luxury), I had no use for him so the 2nd Colen got fed to Boldtusk. No regrets so far.

The more offensive their stats, the greater the odds I’ll keep the extra 4-star heroes. My roster is full of very adequate 4-star defensive heroes, thank you.

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Y’all discussing 4* as food and I just fed a Delilah to another Delilah :speak_no_evil:


Yeah I fed 4 Aeron to 1

I have a maxed LJ, Caedmon and Melendor, but i’m taking Skittle to max the same :face_with_monocle:
And after him/her i do Kashrek.

And maybe if someone in the sky love me i get a Lianna.

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Lianna would be quite nice. I wouldn’t mind her.

I am hoping for Sonya soon as my blue is kind of weak. (Kiril, Grimm, Boril, Karil, Graymane). 1st 3 in 3rd ascension.

I had 4 Vivicas at one point (all from TC20 no less!) and used two as food. The problem with 5* of course is the ascension items. Those 4 would have taken 32 orbs and 24 darts; not to mention the joon I was working on.

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I keep 2 of each 4 star. After that, I’ll use any new ones as food.

I will trade you your Grimm for my maxed Sonya! Weak, she says… Grimm is the only normal 4* I don’t have. And Kiril is my most used blue 4*.

Edit: I do like Sonya, but I don’t use her much anymore.

I wish we could trade. Not sure I would do that as grimm is my only blue that deals damage. Except my 3*'s.

Kiril I use the most as well at this point although Grimm is moving along and may start getting used more now.

Sonya would be nice to have more options as a 4*. I wouldn’t mind Magni either but 5*'s are tough to get. Maybe I will be lucky one day.

Both Kiril and Grimm do more damage if you think about it. Grimm gets the defense of your opponent down, so everything deals more damage and Kiril boosts everyone, so everything does more damage. And he really keeps you alive. I always bring him on the hardest levels of rare quests.


You are right, guess I never really looked at it like that. Learning new things everyday.