4* Red Tanks / Alliance War

I have 5 maxed red heroes.

Zimkitha (4 class levels)
Wilbur (6 class levels)
Boldtusk (4 class levels)
Guardian Falcon

My usual go to is Boldtusk, especially for field aid wars. I currently only have 4 maxed 5* (Zim, Misandra, Guin, and Eveyln). So when we run red tanks, I have in the past run Boldtusk with Rigard and my other fives minus Guin. My question is, since I have Guardian Falcon maxed and have emblems available for him, would it be better to use him as a tank in conjunction with Zim?

I’m unsure because I see an overwhelming support for Boldtusk. Zim’s attack buff however often overrides it which lowers his usefulness as a tank (i think?). If I emblem Falcon (and I don’t mind resetting emblems if I end up with a better paladin), I would still have Rigard (10 class levels), and Zim could potentially do more damage but I sacrifice about 23% attack buff (when not overridden) and a second healer.

Thoughts, opinions, and feedback appreciated. Maybe I should try something else all together?

Thanks in advance!

Right now I would say your best tank is Zim. If you pump some more emblems into BT he becomes a defensive beast around 70+12, with revive. Make sure you take defense and hp boosts whenever possible

Also, for wars, it is not a great idea to double up the tank colour, which you seem to be thinking of. Most war defenses are rainbow, but some palindrome defenses can work too - but you rarely see the tank colour doubled, for good reasons

If you wanted to post your other viable defense heroes to seek more help, that could be a good thing to do

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Yes, this is definitely true.

Beyond that, I agree with @Infinite: try to not double up on reds, post your other hero options as that may sway the tank discussion.

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Can you explain more on the stacking?

What exactly do you want explained?

Stacking is when you take two to five heroes of one colour, targeting maybe the weak colour of the tank (or Titan), or the weak colour of a hero you find dangerous. Sometimes people stack 3-2, meaning three of one colour and two of another. For example if I am facing a Guin tank and a Zeline flank, I might take three purple heroes and two red heroes to counter them

Stacking makes the tile damage increase significantly as all of the attack values are added together for the one colour. Expanding the above example if I stack my emblemed Khiona, with Thoth and Proteus on the Guin tank, I get a total attack stat of

769, 731, 707 = 2207 attack. The maths of the damage formula means tiles are significantly stronger hitting a Guin as the attack is well in excess of her defense.

If you have specific questions on stacking then post a new thread perhaps ? You can also search the forum for more threads which will help

Sorry if this was simpler than you are looking for, but the question was a little vague


Thanx…good info. But i just didnt get this…

post your other hero options as that may sway the tank discussion…

You actually clear up a couple of points i was wondering about, but never asked on any forums.
Thanks again.
Have fun

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Well certain heroes synergise well together, so if we know the full list available, we can help to optimise the combinations.

For example, not that you’d use them on defense, one great Combo is Khiona and Wilbur. Wilbur’s damage sharing can lead to ridiculously strong attack boosts for a Khiona and her flanks by giving her many tiny pieces of damage. So they work really well together

Similar things happen in defense between certain heroes, and if we know what people have, we can advise what might work best

Does that explain?

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I have some of this
Magni and Frida always together

Wu bt and anzogh

Gaurdian falcon justice and wilbur

Wilbur and snipers

Those are my ideas…
More ideas?

Those are true in general play when you’re in charge of what special happens when and where

Dynamics can be different on defense, so if a player has certain heroes that go together defensively then we can help point that out

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@Infinite I was trying to go with the strongest team by including as many of my maxed out fives as I could, but it does open me up to vulnerabilities. Thank you!

@IvyTheTerrible thank you!

Here is what I’ve got. Busy all weekend with a sick toddler so I haven’t been able to reply. And I really appreciate the assistance!!

Past those are just mostly duplicates. Thanks again!

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Viv Missy Wilbur Eve Proto

Thanks for the feedback!

I actually don’t think Guin would be bad at flank.

Maybe Rigard Guinevere Zimkitha Misandra Evelyn, or maybe around the other way to take advantage of misandras potential mana boost? With Guin and Missy you should be ahead on mana!

Maybe convince your alliance to go yellow tanks, this team would be scary with her in the middle

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For red tanks BT really is your best current option.

Falcon is too squishy at tank and although Zim is better stat wise, BT’s heal tips it in his favour IMO.

As mentioned, if you’re going red tank then you really only want 1 red in your defence team.

Rigard, Evelyn, BT, Caedmon, Missandra would probably be your best setup at the moment(I always prefer flanking the tank with two of the opposing colour rather than full rainbow and Evelyn works much better with a second green in the team).

Long term, your best red tank is Elena but the question is do you really want to spend rare ascension mats on what is generally an average 5* just to give you a red tank for wars?

I’d be more inclined to level Azlar instead and use him as tank as he is at least useful elsewhere a bit more than Elena is but realistically your next 5* red ascension mat is probably better used on Anzogh


My raid defense is Evelyn, Misandra, Guinevere, Rigard, and Zimkitha and holds it own pretty well. Unfortunately most of my alliance does not have good yellow tanks. I’d hate to see them try to put up teams that would struggle just so I could prosper. :laughing: I will definitely try using Guin as a flank. I always just looked as her as a strictly “tank” hero.

@AndyBSG I see what your saying. Double up on flanking instead of tank color makes a whole lot more sense. I’m working on Lianna now that I got my Kadilen up to 3/70. That should be a fun combo at flank once I get there. I appreciate your comments on my red heroes too. I was planning on bring Elena up to 3/70, maxxing Colen, and working towards having Anzogh as my red tank option. Long ways away.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it and this has helped me work out which heroes I need to prioritize going forward.


Rigs Guin Zimi Eve Missy

Wouldn’t be much of a difference imo.

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