4* raid defense team

My teammate is at lv32 and has the following maxed 4* heroes: Rigard, Proteus, Lixiu, Chao, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Gormerk, Grimm, Triton with lots of emblems to spend (and for green hero he only has Buddy in rosters but not max yet).
He would like to hear your opinion for his defense team :grinning:

I think I would try this setup:

Boldtusk , Grimm, LiXui, Proteus, Triton

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Yeah, Lixiu is quite annoying.

BT is probably a better tank than Li Xiu.

I’d also try:

Triton—Proteus—BT—Li Xiu—Rigard

Switch Proteus with Buddy once maxed. Buddy will give you your def down, tanky disposition, and line your left side colors up nicely. Enemy will attack BT with blue and Buddy is strong against blue. They attack Buddy with red and Triton is strong against red. Just helps with mana charging and damage received. Same reason Li and Rigard are next to each other. If you have lots of emblems just for Triton, aim for node 11 for him. Attack path will make him one of best snipers around. I balanced him a bit and he’s still a truck.

Proteus up to node 18 if you have emblems. BT as well. Others I bring to node 6 if they’re solid but have competition for emblems. Node 11 for those I love and use often. Node 1 for classes like rogue, cleric, and fighter to unlock talent.


What color tanks does your alliance use for wars? that might make a difference.

In general though, a few thoughts.

BT value as a tank imo increases when you get emblems on him given the fighter revive. If you’ve got them, go him. If not, I’d go li xiu given the mana cut. Buddy also an option when he’s maxed.

All that said though, one idea for your alliance mate is to run li xiu as a tank, flanked by rigard and proteus. Put triton on one wing next to rigard, and boldtusk on the other. That way, if they try to stack purple for your tank, they’ll run into issues with your flanks. Plus, proteus and rigard are two of the best 4 stars out there.

Either way, best approach is to experiment for a few days with each, and watch cup levels.

And for emblems - my general rule of thumb is-

Attack heroes (snipers, others whose main role is enemy damage) - go attack > def > health.

Support heroes (healers, heroes with supporting specials like li’s mana cut, or buddy’s def and attack down + minions) - def > health > attack.

Good luck!


Regular raids?

Of those listed, Wilbur is the strongest tank unless BT has costume\emblems. However, for normal raids, Li is best.

I would run Triton - BT - Li - Proteus - Chao till he gets a green maxed.

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At the moment we set yellow tank for war. However, this is for regular raids.
Let’s experiment for several days and see cups change. :grinning:

@Hcmitchellr @holmanski @Deuce @BlackFR Updated his rosters with emblems :face_with_monocle:

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Team is looking good!

Once buddy gets going, you’ll have a nice team of:

Boldtusk, buddy, li, proteus, triton. And multiple ways to play around with the others as well. Good luck!

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