4* or 5* : newbie question

Hi everyone,

I have a huge dilema regarding my main team ( i’m not advanced yet to have more )

I get Aegir with luck so its my main tank ( i know i know…^^)
Wilbur is also part of it. sooo lets say flank tank
Grimm was a nice pick up and defenitly a A grade so lets go for 2 blue character ( i dont have any valuable 4* yellow)
Caedmon and Ameonna to finish.

here is my questions :

i just drop Richard, do i have to go with a 3 blue character comp ? ( Wilbur/Richard/Aegir/Grimm/Caedmon)
Or is it better to have more color ?
Also do i stick with Wilbur wich is really good or do i replace him with Azlar ? not the best but i already have a good tank (Aegir)

Thanks a lot folks !

I don’t recommend you to put any samiler color heroes side by side in your team.
This makes them easy target for green stacking
You better not to flank a blue tank with 2 blue heroes.
Put them in wings.
But also I’d rather you wait for another color in your formation.
Its fine if you attack with your formation but just not in deff team.

Do You have any healers?

Who else do you have to use in Richards spot above?

Wilbur would stay for sure as he can lengthen a raid for example with his spirit link. You can disspell the enemy spirit link with Caedmon if you choose. Although sometimes I prefer to keep the spirit link on enemies ghost tiles and hammer one while hitting the last 2 or 3.

Your lineup is good although i may switch Caed and Grimm and get 2 blues away from eachother.

Just my 2 cents.

Nice arguments here, i just thought with the heal of aegir it will be usefull to side him with blue heroes but i prefer your arguments @Jedon

I have some healer but not very good one and lvl1 also because i had focus on this comp. @King_Nothing

Also simply replace Grimm by Richard ?

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Grimm is great help his speciall will make it easier to kill your opponent’s heroes cause he debuff their def.
I would keep him on team and replace Cead for Rechard

You can but it’s very risky, if you put 3 blues in your defense team, ennemies will totaly use more green against you. The best you can do is to put 2 of your blues maximum but not side by side or else it will be easier to kill your team. Try to get other good heroes :slight_smile: (rush for TC20)

3 blue is just too much especially if we are talking defense. Use 2 of 1 color for defense max and spread them apart. Otherwise as @Jgmc2 said you will be picked apart by green pretty easily.

just swap caedmon and grimm would be my suggestion.

You can use ghost girl for now. Do you have any yellows that may work here?

Also, what is your cup total?

Thanks all for your suggestions.

@King_Nothing i have Gretel in yellow but not the one i’m looking for my team. Ghost girl is here because i don’t have better but maybe swap her with rigard in a near futur.

to this day my cup turn around 1300.

Overwise, should i replace grimm with richard ?

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I think Grimm would work better if your going 2 blue. His special is invaluable in all aspects.

Rigard is awesome and his cleanse is great. I use him all the time!

Taling about his special, on the paper grimm is better cuz he reduce def in your favor.

But his special only better if you can hit your ennemy hard enought during that time or if it is not dispell.
Richard does a lot more dammage.

On this matter can you tell me why grimm then ?


Since you are new can I assume you don’t have the items needed to fully level your 5* or even your 4*?

If this is the case then you should prioritize your 4* first. Generally a fully leveled 4* is better then a 5* at 3.70. Will use same amount of ascend items and it is a bit quicker to complete the 4*.

If you don’t have a color go ahead with your 5* as they are still useful at 3.70.

Don’t worry to much about defense. Get a team up to where you can complete rare quest, events, fill your chest etc. This will in turn help you collect the items you will need to ascend your hero’s.

So Wilbur before Azlar. Wilbur and Grimm are very good for titan and will be stables hero’s even after you have fully leveled 5*.

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