4 normal 5 star heroes per colour sucks

Since this game is 2 year on it’s way, there still are only 4 normal 5 stars per colour and to be honest (apart from Magni, Marjana, Joon, Sartana, Lianna and Isarnia) not top notch.

Merely everyone has at least 1 of each hero when having this game for a year. (i’m lacking Isarnia :smiley: ).

Wouldn’t it be time to throw in 2 per colour extra? (And add some extra 4* heroes and 3 star heroes to get percentages level) For instance some Atlantis heroes? Or create 2 extra heroes which are only catchable via TC20? :slight_smile:

Please your thoughts about this :smiley:


Heroes of the month should be added to general summons and TC20 after a short while.
The variety would increase automatically.

As you wrote it could be nice to have an increased pool for training camps (Atlantis etc) but about the creation of new cards a good way to avoid drawing new heroes could be to actually balancing the existing ones, by adding extra effects or tweaking the mana they require to charge.

You forgot azlar. Him and magni are the last 2 regular 5s i want.

Anyways i agree with what you said except you want them added to tc20.

I would rather them just add a couple levels to the tc to include more heros rather than polute the odds of the current tc20. Polluting odds of current tc20 will only make it harder on mid players that are hoping to get some of the good regular 5* or even good 4*

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