4* Nature help

Ok, Caedmon has been my Nature man for a while. Today I pulled Peters. I’m loving him already. My dilemma which to use for my defense bench? I went to compare them, but the calculator doesn’t list Peters yet.

I’m thinking Peters because of the silence. Caedmon debuffs, but I have Sonya who already has that job.

And oh yes, that was pure evil taking over my dark elemental summoning with the event. I’ve been waiting for dark to show up to try to get a better dark hero, preferably a 4* :joy:

For sure he is in the calculator…his name there is Cabin Boy Peter…

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If you’ve already got Sonya on your defense, then Peters over Caedmon is the right call. Caedmon hits a tiny bit harder, but the silence is much nastier to an offense.

FWIW, Peters is an A on defense on Anchor’s spreadsheet, and that makes total sense to me.


Nothing to add more here.

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Right decision, just prioritize that pirate… Yaaaaaar.

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If you want to know which hero is better on which team spot then you need to use the www.titanmafia.com Hero Utality tool.
It will let you know which fits where based of very well sorted logic statics built on 7DD sheets and Razor’s Edge.
Chose which has an A grade in every slots or B if you don’t have As

It will help you alot.

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Thank Jedon. I use this tool all the time. I just couldn’t find lPeters”, but as someone posted, his name there is Cabin Boy Peters.

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