4* mats or lack of

Can anyone tell me if they removed 4* ascending mats from all chests and loot drops? Other then a rare titan or rare quest no one in our alliance (29 members) have received a 4* mat in 3 to 4 weeks. Are we the only ones? That is including everyone’s elemental chests. Its been so long that anyone received one that no one is exactly sure when the last time they did get one. I spend quite a bit of money on the game and enjoy it tremendously but here lately I have gone from spending 300-500 a month to maybe 30 a week because at the rate of 4* mats dropping I’ll never be able to ascend every 5* hero I already have so there’s no more need to summon anymore. So can anyone tell me if they have received any 4* mats lately or if they nerfed/ removed them from certain things (chest and or regular titan loot) Thank you.

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