*4 Mat shards

In addition to the regular way of acquiring 4* mats, create shards of those mats. They would be placed randomly, favoring harder levels and titans(same as other items).

Here are several ideas to what could happen once enough shards were collected, each would have its pros & cons.

Ultimately the option and number of shards needed would be decided in beta.

Suggested number of shards
1:5 shards
2:8 shards
3:6 shards

  1. Each 4* would have its own shard
  2. The 4* mat could be chosen by the player
  3. A random 4* May is chosen by the game


  • Pro: fewer shards would be needed for each mat
  • Con: it’d take longer to get the need mat


  • Pro: The player gets to choose the most needed mat
  • Con: More shards would need to be collected


  • Pro: Need shards would split 1 & 2
  • Con: The game chooses

Thought @Rigs, @ThePirateKing, @Ultra or @yelnats_24?

Wouldn’t this put newer players further behind?

I mean veterans have the most world energy, best heroes to autofarm harder levels, already have alchemy lab, and are typically killing 12-14* titans

Imo the game needs more mechanics to help newer players catch up, not propel veteran players further ahead

But maybe that’s just me?


Perhaps change where the shards are, equally on all levels & titans?

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I would pick option 2 as we can chose according to our needs. The other options seems to be just another way to acquire mats as what we get is still random.

I think I’ve seen @Gryphonknight share some ideas about this before

I dont see this method of acquiring ascension mats shards good enough.

Reason being, game is already very plain and not as rewarding as it could be with diversity and depth. There is only one sort of ascension with each hero element. So game wouldnt get more diversed/ interesting if you incoroporate shards for a route which promotes only one way street.

I dont know your reasons, why you feel ascension shards need to be incorporated. Maybe to offer f2p easier route to ascension? That isnt achievable trough shards, but I believe trough two routes : a) offer more ways to earn ascension mats ( new events, better alchemy lab,…) or increase the drop chance for them.

Or there could be a daily wheel of fortune pull. Where the more you invest iron or food, the higher level of prizes you are pulling for :slight_smile:

In case you miss it:

This is not replacing the old system but:


it is additional way of aquiring 4*mats but end result is the same which can be also achieved with increasing drop chance or extra events. I dont believe SG focus should be on features, which are ‘‘basicaly’’ already in game. It doesnt offer any new gameplay, strategy or deepens any relations with other features already implemented.

Thats why I propose this :

Unless I am missing something with this suggestion

That is option 1 and 3. But option 2 offer new method of choosing the one you want instead of decided by RNG.

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