4* Mana Troops - do you still need them at unachievable levels to make it noticeable?

The most recent topics seem to be from last fall. Mana troops got a slight buff at some point IIRC.

How do they look like nowadays? How do they work? I finally rolled my last missing color 4* and I saw that 4/5 of my 4* troops are mana troops :smile:

I’m glad I got them all the same, since I’m waaays away from the point at which I don’t need to spend accumulated gems on heroes, but I’d like to know how them troopsies work nowadays.

The fall topics spoke about mana troops helping fast heroes at level 29 or something like that :rofl: Basically only very fast heroes had a reasonably-achievable troop level (11).

These cutoff-levels where they reduce the tile cost by one still hold true, however there are some other postings where people argue that they already give a noticeable benefit at level 1 vs. mana stealing/regen debuffing enemies.

What I wonder myself is, if you have both mana and crit 4* troops and only ever plan to take one of them to level 30, which one of them actually outperforms at max level 30. I guess the crit ones are slightly better vs. titans while mana maybe give a slight edge for raids?

What really puts me off is not really having an estimate how often that 1-less-tile-required from 4* mana troops really can help, as you very often shoot way over cap with your mana anyways (only missing 2 tiles but ghosting 3 tiles etc.)

And mana regen only helps while your heroes are still alive, while crit presumably also works with tiles from dead heroes?

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