4* Mana or 3* Crit Troops?


I just pulled the 4* red mana troops (Barbaric Assassins). I’m wondering if I should use those over my level 7 3* crit troops (firecaller battlemages).

17 attack, 11 d, 12 heal, 5 mana (4* unleveled) vs
12 attack, 12d, 9 heal, 6 crit (3* lvl 7)

My main red hero is 4-70 BT so I’m leaning towards even the unleveled 4*. What do you think?


Max the 3* crit troops first. When that is done, start on the forever and ever project of levelling the 4*.

Unless you’ve got cash so you can powerlevel the 4* to the level where the mana is actually going to result in shaving a full tile off.


Train your 4* troops be they mana or brit troops. Immediately stop training your 3* troops. It’s a waste of time and resources.


Focus all your new feeder troops on the 4* troop. You can reconsider when you get a crit 4*, but until then you would benefit most from leveling the 4* mana compared to any 3*.


If you have 4* troops use and level them. 3 star is for event then.


You can win epic events with lvl1 3* troops. Levelling 3* troops is utter waste and it will get back to you later when you got 4* troops and nothing to feed to them…


Mana troop is best used by a slow or average mana hero.


My advice is that if you pay for gems, get all 4* troops first. You can up them slowly later. A 4* troop is easily equivalent to a lv6 or so 3* troop. So don’t waste feeder troops on 3* troops. You will only use them in event challenges.


Or by very fast or very slow, those gain the most from mana troops


How do you level up troops


Convert a forge to barack, after sh10. Feed 1* and 2* troops to higher levels.

You might want to stop leveling your 3* troops around lvl8-10 and save the feeders for a 4* troop.

Leveling troops requires a lot of ham, focus on heroes before troops, at least until your first rainbow team is maxed.


What level do i have to be


Stronghold level 10 to get ability to convert a building into barracks.

Whichever building you choose (i also recommend using a forge) must be at level 5+



Mana troops shave off number of tiles needed to be “shot” before special is triggered. So raising a 4* mana troop to level 11 takes one tile off a very fast hero’s 7 tile requirement meaning its special can go off after ghosting only three tiles.

How far up do you have to go to shorten up the needed tiles for a fast hero? All I know is it takes a crapton more feeders and ham.