4* Heroes you simply can't manage to draw!

Hey guys,
Just want to know your storys about 4*s (regular or event) that you absolutely want or desperately need for your roster but RNG simply doesn’t want to give you this specific hero, no matter what!

For me it’s Hansel! I’m not sure how many total draws I made during various reappearing Grim forest events but I actually never got him. For reference, I probably got 10 Gretels and almost all the 5s by now… Since my only green 4 hitter is Caed I could really need him!

Let’s here your sad storys! BTW I specifically mentioned 4s only because wanting a specific 5 is already is a different leaque of cause…


Well for me, It was 4*healers, they didnt show up themselves for 6 months durings summons and TCs. And then kiril-BT-melendor came in 1 week lol
Then I wanted to get rigard bcz of his cleanse skill and it took another 6 months to get him from a 30 pull in atlantis last month. Sometimes RNG gods dont want you to have it


Mine is guardian falcon been playing since jan 2018 and just vant get him
Got jackal and 3 owls but not a falcon or panther (its 5* starts i know but i want that hero as well)


I wanted BT and Wu…got them after more than a year of playing…now just need jackal…my yellow roaster is really bad) did lots of pulls with no luck for getting him…


STILL waiting on Wilbur and Proteus…many, many Li Xiu’s, Friar Tucks and Scarlett’s later…nope.


It was Little John for several months just to have every S1 4*. Pulled him last week from my tc20. Now it’s Proteus, Falcon and Peter’s. Guardians and Pirates are the only 2 challenge events I have no heroes from, and Proteuz I want for war.


Up until last month it was any yellow 4*, then I received all four basics within one week of each other. No the only 4* I really covet is Kiril so I can have a healer in every color. I’ve received at least four BT but Kiril’s lager still eludes me.


Really want Kiril. I have always wanted to form an all-healer team. I have healers in each color except blue:

red - Boldtusk
green - Melendor
yellow - Vivica
purple - Rigard & Sabina

Now just need Kiril to make my dream come true!

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No question; it’s Boldtusk. Playing since September 2018, running two TC20s for about a month now. No orc. So many people use him in so many different areas, and I just read about him longingly. I need a red project right now, and I need a place for my fighter emblems (currently on Valen), so it just hurts all the way around.

Honorable mention to Kiril. I’m just short on buffers all around. For S2, I’ve been hoping for Wilbur and Proteus, but at least I have Gormek and Onatel who fill similar roles. I do have three Danzaburos, though! :crazy_face:


Just to give you an idea about my rooster size, I’ve got 27x5*, but somehow I’m still missing Colen (from the basic TC heroes).

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Jackel would be nice for titans for sure. 2 falcons though.


I tried for ages to get falcon.

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I just pulled me 2nd last month.

He works well although my options for a red stack are garbage. Got good heros just not for titans.

I think the game knows, its exactly the opposite for me. I got a descend red troop but lacking of yellow and i have drawn the second jackal, bit have a bad yellow troop (i mix it with blue because its so bad)

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It seems to be like that quite often.

My yellow stack with Jackel would be good (Joon, Drake, Jackel, Wu)

Maybe next time…

i would just like any 4 star green i dont have any

Hansel is a beast, believe me. He is so good after firing the enemy cant use special its so iseful. Just use it against the special from the enemy that comes next or is the most painful. I love him

Om titan, the animation takes so much time away. With hansel he skipped the animation saved so much time


Hansel for me as well. I wasn’t fussed with the 5* heroes of Grimforest but I went in wanting Hansel and Gretel. Not too difficult you would think since they are 4* heroes. About 90 pulls later, I had a single Gretel to show for.

Oh hansel! I forgot about him! I have pulled 4 gretels but no hansels. Shame.

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Rigard and Kiril, both is hard to get, still waiting form TC13 and also now at SH18, so either TC13 or later TC20 hope both will come. Or also from 8 Epic Hero Token which is I still keep for draw next Season Sand Empire.

Rigard, Kiril, and Sonya.

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