4* Heroes of the Month (HOTM)

The number of 4 stars in the game is much smaller than the number of 5 stars, and the ratio between the two decreases every month. There are only four blue 4 stars, for example. It would be great if SG could introduce several new 4 stars to increase the size of this pool and I think a great way of doing this would be to add a 4 star hero of the month in addition to the 5 star.

Good morning @TigerDevil. Special events does introduce special heroes. I save my gems for when there is a special event occurring in hopes of getting something different from the daily draws.

Only if you would get 2 rolls per summon, a separate chance for the 4 & 5*.
I would hate to get the hotm roll, and only get the 4*, when I would have had the 5* previously.

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I get what you are saying, but a second roll is not necessary. You can do a single roll that can give you either a 4 or 5 star HOTM without decreasing the odds of getting the 5 star. For example, suppose the odds of getting the 5 star on a bonus roll is 1.5% and that we would like the odds of getting the 4 star HOTM to be 3%.

Draw a random integer between 1 and 1000.

If number is less than or equal to 15, give the 5* HOTM. If not, give nothing.

If number is less than or equal to 15, give the 5* HOTM. If number is greater than 15 and less than or equal to 45, give the 4* HOTM. If not, give nothing.

The odds of getting the 5* are the same. If you get the 4* it simply means that in the original system you would have gotten nothing.

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That would work, too :slight_smile: as long as they clarify that in-game so people don’t have another reason to moan :grin:

Ha ha, yes. That would be prudent. We do like to complain!

I think its time for 4* hotms

And maybe even 3* hotms

With the star qualifiers in monthly quests and raid tournaments, these other tier heroes are more important/useful in the game than in the past.

I need to fill out my 3* and 4* roster and it could be fun to have some fresh heroes to seek out.

There are a lot of new 5 stars being introduced with hardly any new 4 stars. I think it would be a good idea to have a 4 star Hero of the Month that is available in the daily summons portal.

This has been suggested already.


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Hey, so I really enjoyed playing the Tavern of Legends quests. They were fun, and the need to use my hero bench was a cool dynamic.


  • All those quests for only two summons
  • My summons were two 3 stars from season 1. Ugh… seriously?

However! I am not just complaining. I have some ideas.

  • Lower star Heroes of the Month:
    Why do HotMs all need to be 5*? How about some 3* and 4* heroes of the month, with some cool abilities, but stats for their star level. They could be available at the same times as other HotMs, or not, but with slightly higher drop rates.
    • But more than that… how about populating the Tavern ONLY with those 3, 4, and 5 star HotMs? That way, we at least get something interesting. It’s only a once-a-month thing. Because it is dang demoralizing to pull the SAME. 3 STAR. SEASON 1. HEROES. CONSTANTLY.

Thanks… I hope people like this idea!


I was thinking why not mix tavern of legends event with costumes. You pull a costume or randomly an old hotm which would be great too. That way you’re not getting just plain S1 hero’s but their costume too. Make the portal the whole week and spilt the events between the week. For sure something needs to be done just way too many terrible S1 hero’s to be pulled.


They should named it next time “The Tavern of 3* season 1”…shame on you SG… 75 PULLS 50x3*,24x4* and Azlar (already have him) … well thank you… but no thanks…


Get those S1 5s out of that portal. It’s so annoying when you get the 4th dupe of Obakan.


I also had a similar thought.

Make it similar to, for example, Atlantis Summon. The chance to get a S2 hero in AS should be replaced with a chance to get a S1 costume. (Including 3*, 4* and 5*)
The chance to get HOTM in AS should be replaced with a chance to get old HOTM.
(and the chance to get a vanilla S1 stays as in AS)

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The odds are ■■■■■ its there in black and white if you spend that’s up to you. Maybe things will improve as this the first time. They will see how much was made at this point with the promotion offer then maybe the next if people ain’t spending on it can be trail or error.
Very doubtful Whales are gonna chuck boat load in for a chance of a old hero they would like as S3 and new hotm are coming out too

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I wasn’t addressing spending money. I didn’t spend anything, the odds were too crap. (Though, given how often I’ve been disappointed, the only money I’ve spent in months has been for VIP and the PoV. I did used to jump on some of the better gem offers, but now… meh.)

But the costume chamber quests give, what… 4 summons, I think? Plus there’s a chance to get costume tokens from other things.

This one was 9 quests for two summons. And for what basically amounted to the regular portal.

Seems like a lot of failures recently with the new content… they really don’t seem to know what players want. I’m disappointed and will show it by limiting my spending on the game.


In the long run new players will want a gravemaker zeline Athena zim kuchen etc hence they being scraped from S2 portal. As atlantis will be obsolete For older players even but some old players might want them too.
They could least feature a couple with better odds maybe that will happen. (trial n error)
But do think to complete all should give you 300 tokens so least 3 pulls

I’m not sure how obsolete S2 is. I do almost all my farming there. S1 is the only season I mostly ignore, unless I really need an element quest filled fast, or I have 3-4 flags left and I want to go to bed.

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