4* Heroes of the Month (HOTM)

The number of 4 stars in the game is much smaller than the number of 5 stars, and the ratio between the two decreases every month. There are only four blue 4 stars, for example. It would be great if SG could introduce several new 4 stars to increase the size of this pool and I think a great way of doing this would be to add a 4 star hero of the month in addition to the 5 star.

Good morning @TigerDevil. Special events does introduce special heroes. I save my gems for when there is a special event occurring in hopes of getting something different from the daily draws.

Only if you would get 2 rolls per summon, a separate chance for the 4 & 5*.
I would hate to get the hotm roll, and only get the 4*, when I would have had the 5* previously.

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I get what you are saying, but a second roll is not necessary. You can do a single roll that can give you either a 4 or 5 star HOTM without decreasing the odds of getting the 5 star. For example, suppose the odds of getting the 5 star on a bonus roll is 1.5% and that we would like the odds of getting the 4 star HOTM to be 3%.

Draw a random integer between 1 and 1000.

If number is less than or equal to 15, give the 5* HOTM. If not, give nothing.

If number is less than or equal to 15, give the 5* HOTM. If number is greater than 15 and less than or equal to 45, give the 4* HOTM. If not, give nothing.

The odds of getting the 5* are the same. If you get the 4* it simply means that in the original system you would have gotten nothing.

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That would work, too :slight_smile: as long as they clarify that in-game so people don’t have another reason to moan :grin:

Ha ha, yes. That would be prudent. We do like to complain!

I think its time for 4* hotms

And maybe even 3* hotms

With the star qualifiers in monthly quests and raid tournaments, these other tier heroes are more important/useful in the game than in the past.

I need to fill out my 3* and 4* roster and it could be fun to have some fresh heroes to seek out.

There are a lot of new 5 stars being introduced with hardly any new 4 stars. I think it would be a good idea to have a 4 star Hero of the Month that is available in the daily summons portal.

This has been suggested already.


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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