4 Fully Emblemed Slayers on Defense

Just sharing. Had a GODLY opening board, nothing to learn from that.

But these 4 Slayers sure racked up mana and healing stacks fast. The last Slayer standing was healing about 100 points per turn at the end.


Hmmm, maybe it’s time for people to dust off those sand empire heroes and Perseus. Basically set up how you would for the old healing aid war format.


Good point there! LOL at the idea of Perseus becoming wanted again.


Yep, the delighted screenshot from HA10 and ToL summons.

Yaaaassssssss I GOTZ PERSEUS!!! :rofl: :upside_down_face:

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If I see a Slayers heavy defense in a double formation I will definitely be brushing off the cobwebs from my C Elkanen

That’s nothing, you can also neuter them with Alice, white rabbit and Dr moreau

Unless this is a form of setting up this defence team as a joke/test, it is really disappointing to see that there are people out there who would madly chase heroes, without even having some basic game knowledge (i.e. not placing revivers on the right).

It feels like some players are compensating for the lack of basic game knowledge with a lot of :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: And the sad thing is that these heroes are so OP, that it works…


Vampire heroes will work too.

Malosi too. He will block 1 at least. Started encountering Slayer heroes in Raid Tourney. Malosi did block Caitlin’s stacks but I didn’t study her family bonus stacking. I did notice that her mana gen is much faster than the other 4 in defence.

I think all slayer hero’s need a buff or something additional added to their card cause as is they are very underwhelming and weak, even S1 non costumed hero’s are way better, it’s a shame really, I really enjoy challenges, I hope they get a much needed buff and bring on the challenge

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:)))) Now I know you’re trolling :rofl:


You still went through them like it’s nothing……nothing scarry to worry about :rofl: