4* Blue Troops

Why are blue 4* troops such a rare thing?

It took me all of 1 year just to get a 4* Green Troop!

It’s not as bad as getting a HOTM though… I have NEVER got one, i have to run my TC20’s constantly just to get a 5* hero, and then i end up getting the same 3* and 4* heroes!

It gets rather frustrating, especially since i love playing this game!

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Man this game is purely random…

I’m playing for about 6 months, have a rainbow 4’* troop + a dupe blue troop and another 2 4* yellow troops (one mana (dupe), one crit). I also got 3 5* from my TC20 in the last 4 weeks…

However, I bet you have way more mats than me, I am at a stage where I cannot ascend a 4* past 3-60 or a 5* past 2-60… Even if I have plenty of heroes waiting :frowning:

Oh, blue ones, I have two 4* blue troops, and 6* purple troops.
So probably I have few of them :slight_smile: I am f2p.

But on the other hand, none red and yellow.

And just out of curiosity? I have created an account here few minutes ago, how to create new thread?

I do not see any option. Any help?

You can’t create a new thread when you have just joined :frowning: once you meet the requirements, that ability will unlock :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this.

Cool, now I am able to create new topic. Do not know why, and what was the trigger however.

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