4+ battle item slots and Artifacts (non-consumable battle items)


Currently there is 4 slots for battle items. There is plenty of space to expand that to say 6 slots or even 8.

The expansion slots above 4 can be made available by forging items together, say several backpacks, some iron and another rarer ingredient.
Those additional slots would only be available on the Team # it was built for.

Artifacts - non-consumable battle items, would be special items that could be used once every wave or entire battle.

Some special artifacts would be only available/usable to a team if it includes X heros of a certain class or colour.

Some items can have static effects:
king arthurs sword - gives stat bonuses to your king arthur
pirate flag - all pirates of corellia heroes get defense bonus
spellbook of destruction - all wizards and sorcerers on your team get attack bonus
rod of healing - healing bonus on your team
cursed skull of berserking - all barbarians and fighters on all teams get attack bonus and defense penalty
heart of the forest - all green heroes and enemies get health bonus

What are your thoughts?

Interesting idea — it sounds lot like how “equipment” works in a lot of RPGs, where you can basically put items onto a hero or team to affect them, but can only have a certain number of items, or one of each type at once.

There are at least a few idea threads in this general direction, I’m linking them for future forum searching:


Simple one: there are 5 heroes, 5 defense members… but 4 battle items… was it because of lack of space?.. otherwise can you please consider adding one (only one…) additional slot for battle item in the next update? Dankie


Yes that totally makes sense. SG please increase the battle items to 5, line them up with each hero slot and the introduce non-consumable battle items with static abilities

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So basically your all asking for an extra battle slot so you can take in 5 battles items instead of 4.

As I am sure these/each item has been taken account against each type of hero setting for strengths etc.

Wouldn’t that mean changes agaisnt having 5 battles items would need to be made throughtout the game to counteract the extra attacking strengths the added battle item would provide.


Yes making battle items have 5 slots could require rebalancing. But with the introduction of non-consumable battle items (artifacts), people will have to choose between a static affect or a consumable. The 5 slots would line up with each hero and if an artifact is in that slot it would affect the corresponding hero whos slot it is aligned with, just like Troops, but with with bonuses/penalties more specific to a character/class/color/set.
A work around is to only allow a max of 4 consumable items to be used in those slots, and if 5 are put in the screen will not accept and force you to review the choices until only 4 are selected.
The artifacts can be forged together using a combination of new items/shards that can be collected much like ascension items. They can even require iron/food or existing ascension items and materials, with lower level ones being needed to assemble higher quality ones.


So really if at the end only 4 are used all your doing is limiting the battle items to specific heros which in turn only makes things more difficult because your limiting what battle items can be used based on the heris you take in.

I don’t see any advantages to that.


Battle items are only usable in single player missions and titan battles, and not usable in raids, tournaments and wars. However they are not even visible in raids/tourneys/wars.
I suggest that they always stay visible and if the content is a consumable item it will be grayed out, but if it is an artifact its static affect will be available just like troops. This way people will change up their battle items on defense and offence. Just like in the roster you start with 5 teams, you can have equipment sets of battle items and assign set 1 to team 3 for example.
Lets say one battle item is a holy sword. It can be built with iron, hidden blades and orbs of magic, and would only be usable to holy (yellow) fighters/paladins/rangers. If you combine say 4 holy swords and a Damascus blade, you forge Excalibur which can only be used by a King Arthur. In the forge you can build them if you have the blueprint, and you can deconstruct items and salvage most of the items back for a cost.
The idea is to add additional customization to your heroes beyond troops and emblems, and opens up a whole lot more to collecting items and components.


And based on the drop rate of these items ( understanding this is an example and involves all items) based on tbe drop rate the chances of ever getting enough to forge these on top of needing these to ascend heros will be very slim and in many cases you might get just a few every few months.

If something like this was done I would be asking for new items to be had in tbe game to forge what your suggesting so as to not affect our already sliw grinding ascending capabilities.