4 сезон. Реклама средств для роста волос и стоматологических услуг )) , - Baddies in Disguise

SGG deprived me of my creative muse! They began to make caricatures of their characters themselves. ))) Here I see ads for hair growth enhancement products and dental services. 4 years ago and now. Before and after. Artists can be paid a little more. They will draw better. )))


Bad guys want costumes too :crazy_face:


really nice hair extensions :rofl: :rofl:


At least he lost the carbuncles on his head. The ones on his shoulders are still there.

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What hair growth product is he using? I need some for myself.

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I was more interested in dental services. My fangs were starting to fail me :joy: :joy: :joy:

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The Cyclops was Colen-ed.

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