4* atlantis hero

As I heart that Triton and Proteus are the best 4* heroes at the atlantis season.
But I have another 4* that got my attention to level them up maxed.
Is it worthy or not but give me some enlightment?
I have gadeirus 3/70
Gobbler 3/70.
Agwe 3/70.
Which one I do first???
I had proteus max too

Wilbur is the best 4* of Atlantis. Def buff and debuff is really useful even if the spirit link extends to both enemies and allies.

Gadeirus is worth maxing, he’s a mini Ares. The slow speed of his SS is the big downside of the hero but is still worth using.

Gobbler is a niche hero that is only useful if you have a minion problem. He’s very squishy and may not survive in battle long enough to use his SS.

Agwe is a poorly designed blue hitter/tank. Slightly above average attack, slightly below average defense and health. Green defensive buff is something that belongs on a tank, but he doesn’t have the stats to really stand up to much punishment. His attack hits all enemies but at a rate that is too weak to make a significant difference in combat.

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My low-budget alt got Danzaburo, who is surprisingly good. I don’t like the randomness, but ⅔ of the time you get something really good.

Wilbur and Proteus are clearly the best of this batch, and Triton is the best 4* ice sniper in the game.

Ameonna has her supporters, especially on Titan hits.

Gadeirus would be superb at Average mana, but feels a little underpowered at Slow.

Sumitomo is a good Riposte hero. Personally I’m not a Riposte fan, but this guy seems to be a well-balanced design.