4* Asention materials

Is there anyplace to farm 4* Asention materials?

I wish! I’ve needed a tonic and a dart for months now. The only sure way to get a 4* mat is from the rare quests. Today I watched 2 mystic visions, got A+ on a 13* titan, opened my titan chest, skipped through 3 monster chests, 2 raid chests, and a nature elemental chest…you’d think I’d get something in all of that. No 4* mats.

Thank you, similar situation in our Alliance

Wow you been busy!..


I forgot in a moment of sheer desperation I spent 3k gems against my better judgment in the shop for that 4* mat. No 4* mat. This is really the most annoying part of this game

The only place you are guaranteed to get 4* mats is from the final level of each rare quest. They come around every 7-10 days or so.

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