4* ascention materials

Zygna, Small giant. It’s time, you have to easy up on these 4* ascention materials. I currently have 30+ 5* hero’s I can’t do anything with. We level rapidly and wisely. We spend agregustly as well. It’s time to make these item not as “rare” or at this point mystical. I remember days when beating a special quest like Avalon, or guardians on legendary would yield 4* AM, now never, I remember days when a loot chest that we all scramble to fill would drop an occasional 4* AM, I remember days when a colored chest, or a war chest or placing in the top 1% of a raid tourtementz would drop or ■■■■ near guaranteed a 4* AM!!! It’s been 3 months and I haven’t gained a single AM from any of these places, not 1!! We fight, we grind, we play religiously, setting alarms for war, timing titan hits crafting items, and trading hero’s. Why are you forcing away the ppl that helped build this game to what it is today, why are you continuing to make this game years worth of work. most ppl won’t spend years on an app to create the grounds we walk on today with this game, why in 1 entire year of me playing I’ve only had 6 tonics yet I receive nature hero, after nature hero, to the point I just don’t want to wait any more and stop spending and trying, please Zynga, Small giant loosen up on the 4* mats your entire gaming community depends on it!!!

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