4 * ascension materials the biggest deception

hello it’s unfortunate and many trolls and ultras fanboys of empires will climb the walls and those of empires and zynga will not care they just want money I think it’s perfect but not so blatantly it’s a game to earn money okay but don’t come with excuses and lies of chance luck etc … more than a year without receiving volumes of tactics or heroes of 5 *, or materials of 4 *, the rewards of the titans is unfortunate and it already smells very rotten like the colored chests
There are accounts A +, A, B, C and mine which is Z because tell me how they defend that more than a year without 4 * ascension materials? Of course, to have them you have to pawn your family for all this and more things that I explain in another post many players of years and top abandon the game because it is a pay to win game if you like empires and zynga
So now you can say atrocities defend them that logic and common do not go with you only lies and cheap excuses
And the support is painful even those of the telephone companies lie to you better and excuses are better worked


4* and 3* materials appear for FREE in rare quests. Rare quests appear every 10 days. Tome of Tactics appear every 70 days (the quests cycle). If you defeat the rare quest, these items are yours.


And there are three star ascension mats for simply completing the three difficulty tiers of the Challenge Events. Not insignificant.

Also there are guaranteed 3* ascension mats + a small % chance of a 4* mat when combining Alkashards from the Alchemy lab. If you run it full speed, even without gems it gives 1000 alkashards for approximately 6 days. If you choose to invest 100 gems weekly (can be won in-game for such a period of time from chests, gem quests, mystic visions, etc) the Alchemy Lab triples those quantities.

Plus, there is absolutely no need to play with 5* heroes and win. I’ve confirmed that using only Season 1 4* heroes a player can:

Stick solidly into Platinum arena with very high win % on the offense and make quick dashes into Diamond with a raid flask or even without one just to open a Diamond arena raid chest.

Complete any quest or event stage. Only event not yet confirmed is Ninja Tower, but others have done it already with 4*.

Complete Season 2 and 3 oh Hard Mode. Not done it myself but seen videos and read reports on that.

So why hunt expensive and slow-leveling 5* heroes when classic 4*s get the job done???


Nevermind the thread title, same thread/topic again?


Good find @ultra. The OP calling people trolls is comical when people troll us with duplicate threads.


Yes, okay, that has been the only tactics volumes that I have achieved every two months, so it is impossible to advance in the game.
apart in the material titans of 4 * volumes of tactics as I said more than a year in my alliance that is strong to all the allies it has given volumes of tactics and to me not and materials of 4 * both in normal and rare titans random? ? Nobody believes it and those excuses also I have partners in other alliances that are the same, no matter how much I want to justify it, it is impossible if you do not buy the materials and they are not cheap also the tactics volumes are almost never

If 4* ascension mats are your focus, why don’t you find and join an alliance where you can regularly take loot level XIV (14) on titans? It would give you four (4) ascension mat rolls instead of 3 (tier 9-13). For instance, getting an A (+2) on a 12* or B (+1) on a 13*. It’s not nothing, raising your mat rolls by 33%. You would get more 4* materials.


we’ve been with 14 * titans for months

So I have been more than a year this is from the last titan of 14 * it is logically customary some material of 3 * lame but few

I have made it with gemstones with alkafragments in every possible way and only one tonic and tabard since last year

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Cool. I’ll admit that 4* mats are very hard to come by since unlike 3* mats, they are not guaranteed in any way. So maybe stick to the 4* heroes since they can be ascended without 4* mats at all? Also faster. Also 3* mats are guaranteed from tons of sources.

Edit: Actually the only 4* mats that are guaranteed are from seasonal events, rare quests and path of valor.

Have you been killing 14* non-stop? Have you been keeping track of your titan loot?

I agree, titan loot from 14* titans is mostly underwhelming, but sometimes it can be very good. I just got 50 emblems from our last rare titan. I was happy with that.

You get enough mats guaranteed to max at least one 5* hero of each color for free.
Rare quest around every ten days, so about 36 mats per year. We have 7 different 4* mats, so 5 of each color and 5 each non color mats. Missing one of each color but thankfully you can get the missing one during seasonal events. There you get one of each color over a year.

So at least you get one maxed hero per color and year guaranteed, everything more is either luck based or you pay for it.
With all the different sources of materials I’m about 2-3 maxed 5* heroes per color each year. If you want more you either need more luck, better results during monthly events or money.

Was looking how many mats I really got in the last 3 years.
Maxed heroes + theoretical possible max:

  • Red 10 = 3.3 maxed heroes/year
  • Green 9 = 3 maxed heroes/year
  • Blue 9.5 = 3.16 maxed heroes/year
  • Dark 8 = 2.6 maxed heroes/year
  • Holy 8.5 = 2.8 maxed heroes/year

I never bought specific color mats in deals, only maybe 2-3 D-blade offers, and the first two Valor passes. But during my p2p time I summoned with bought gems, most of the time in event portals but at least some also during Atlantis and the early times of Walhalla. So I don’t know how many 4* mats I really got from those portal chests and how many were only 3* mats. I opened maybe around 20-25 bought summon chest, so say around half of them were 4* mats (which I think is too high).
In total maybe 2 mats per color less over the whole time if I was completely f2p, although in the first year I wasn’t able to finish the first seasonal events, and for sure not the first few rare quests.
So in the end I would say my guess with 3 heroes per color and year for f2p seems reasonable, if you have at least a little bit of luck.


Well if you insist!


Are you saying it is a lie that there is a chance that 4* mats will drop by chance in the various chests, from titans, etc?

What evidence do you have that accounts are split into these… loot?.. categories?

Well this part is just a lie

What exactly are the lies and cheap excuses that you refer to?


@moderators: Please close this thread. The author provides no data or proof for his accusations. Its a copy of a similiar rant of this author. If someone has some credibility using even limited data to prove his point we should discuss it, otherwise we should not give trolls so much publicity.

Happy gaming

I knew you would show up here, who are your fanboys OP was talking about?

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