4* as HOTM? What do you think?

I have plenty of 5* but i have not enough ascension materials to fully level them.

I would love to see some special 4* heroes (Proteus, Hansel etc. style) as HOTMs. What do you think?


There might be the “heroes of the month”! One, 1.3% bonus draw chance 5* and one about 10%, rare or maybe even new 4*… could go as far as adding a 1% 4* “troop of the month”, in the epic troop summon, wouldn’t hurt… this troop could have a low chance of adding a buff of debuff just like the class skills…

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There is a lot to discuss about this idea, but personally I would love it. Always of course in addition to the 5*s, not replacing them.
Lately I get more pleased when I get an Epic hero rather than a Legendary one, mostly due to lack of AM.
You could check these threads as well:


Thanks… did not know about them… :+1:

Maybe they could add sth to all gates monthly.



of the Month…

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Yes, I will take any of those :point_up:

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This would be a better than normal 4* and work just like the 5* just a 3% chance (or something like that) instead of 1.5% for a 5*

Possibly a 3* one too if we already have those two

SG should offer a HOTM for rare and epic heroes in addition to legendary.

With the way 3* and 4* heroes have become much more relevant to the game, I kind of like this idea. I fear that this would end up reducing the chances of getting the 5* HotM — it doesn’t have to be that way: bonus pull is 1.5 % 5* HotM, 2% 4* HotM, 3% 3* HotM… Balancing becomes even more important, because you don’t want the lower star heroes infringing on the higher stars’ shine. Arguably, though, this already happens: a Nordri with emblems can easily replace a 4* blue in certain contexts. Mist and Rigard with emblems are candidates for low-power 5*.

I’m of the opinion that Hotm should basically be like 4* anyway.

A novelty item… a fancy bow and arrow with nice artwork.

Not a ballistic missile that every one and their dog have access to, for loading-up and saturating the game.

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Don’t you already pay more than enough to chase those HOTM. Why do you want to ask ways to pay even further ?

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