4* and 5* with Spirit Link Special

Hi Devs,

Can you create a 5* hero with Spirit Link? A blue would be great against Alberich and Zeline, which seems to be overpowered with game-changing specials and powerful tile damage…

Not everyone own Alby, Zel, GM, and Guin…

Thanks, :slight_smile:

How would spirit link help agains zeline? She is a fast dispeller, exactly what you want to counter a spirit link. And making the spirit link undispellable would make it OP.

On top of it, spirit link is such a powerful ability that it’s hard to balance one for bigger * heroes. Same as briennes special.

I understand it can be removed by Zel but before her special is charged (likely the second time) the Spirit Link would help a lot against her normal hits and those of others… ^^

Maybe Very Slow Mana would help create a right balance.

We already got Guin that is so popular among top players and thus I kinda find her boring too. lol

Ummm, haven’t you heard of Alasie?..

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Yes, but what most HOTMs got is element link. I’ve been referring to Gunnar or Kailani’s Spirit Link that works for all of their allies… :slight_smile:

oops, that’s right. :persevere:
But honestly, I think a spirit link for 5* would be overpowered. Because most of them are very, very strong…
Okay, Thorne and a few others would profit… but still, as most use the stronger heroes, it would be too much.

Yes I understand, but I suggested very slow mana like the Owl and the Wolf, maybe reduce defense stats a bit as well. People don’t seem to like very slow mana, but this could change that as well as the fact that so many use Guin tank.

The only 5* hero with a (5) target buff on DEF is Vivica and she is slow.
Spirit link can stack with +DEF buffs and is also a (5) target buff…

I don’t think that there will be any 5* heroes with spirit link, we should only hope for a 4* hero then.
Slow or Very Slow special speed with no additional effect shouldn’t be a problem, I guess.
It could be handy for newer players to bring said heroes to events and keeping alive the team but not so helpful on raid/war defense, where dispellers would neutralize their special.

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Wouldn’t Zeline do the same amount of damage?
Alberich is just a healer.

When you say “against”, I’m guessing you mean add another powerful hero to help balance those?

5 turns, dispellable & slow. I think that would be on par with Guinevere :slight_smile:

Imagine a team with Alby, blue spirit link, Guin, Zeline. They would never die :laughing:

With that said, there are plenty of dispellers, so this wouldn’t be overpowered, IMO.

Gunnar/Kailani are (were) only annoying early on until you figure out you need to bring a dispeller, and when you’re rocking 3* heroes, you probably don’t have a deep bench. I think Belith & Tyrum are the only (non-event) 3*s that remove buffs?

Not using a vote on it, but it’s not a horrible idea to me :wink:

The spirit link could be less than the 3* skill. Even 25-30% would be helpful.

Thank you for your input.

By ‘against’, I mean normal hit (defense) or tile damage (attack). Since Zel and Alby is a popular combination and top players got strong troops, their normal hits tend to cause a lot of damage (considering they’re both green) even before their specials are charged. Guin is more on the defense side and I don’t find Gravemaker too great to be honest.

Of course a Spirit Link 5* would probably bring up the same issue we got before with Boss Wolf and it would probably take forever to kill the ‘dream team’ you mentioned, but by then we would have a hard decision to make on which one to be used for tank. In my opinion, Guin and Ares would lose 40-50% of their usefulness if they flank. My point is it’s so boring so many people use the Guin tank.

I do have a deep bench with 75 heroes in total, including 20 x 5*. I used to want Guin so bad but now I’m honestly glad that I don’t have her 'cause too many people use her. I just wanna be different among the top. I’m working on Boss Wolf now and will use him for tank.

Another thing is that I want to focus on my heroes’ normal hits when it comes to building a strong defense team. For some reasons, I believe that is more important than the actual special skill of the hero… I guess I just wish my Boss Wolf got Spirit Link instead of all the skills he got now.

Thanks again for your input… :slight_smile:

I believe that is that range is great… 63% like Gunnar and Kailani is probably way too much for a 5*…

Thanks :slight_smile:

4* with Spirit Link is not too bad either, but he/she would probably die pretty quickly when got raided…

so I think either very slow 5* or a fast / average 4*, and maybe not as high as the 63% Gunnar and Kailani got…

Thank you for your input. :slight_smile:

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