4* and 5* chance in daily summons

Yes, I know this is a repeated topic, but I didn’t see a Master topic on the list, so I’ll post it again…

I’d love to see a very small chance of getting 4* and 5* regular heroes (no HOTM or event heroes) through the daily summon. This would be another way to help newer players grow their team. While I get that SG may not want to give the game away for free, it can be very frustrating for new players (or F2P) players to have no viable way of growing their team short of buying gems/pulls.

As an example, drop rates could be:
1* Hero: 32.0%
2* Hero: 31.3%
3* Hero: 3.0%
4* Hero: 0.2%
5* Hero: 0.1%

1* Troop: 16.0%
2* Troop: 15.4%
3* Troop: 1.4%
4* Troop: 0.6%

1* and 2* hero pull chances remain the same. The 4* and 5* chance is taken from the 3* hero chance (currently 3.3%).

For troops, the 1* chance remains the same. The 4* chance is taken from both 2* and 3*, with 0.3 percent coming from each level.

Since this is about daily summons and not event (aka paid by purchased/won gems) pull, the HOTM bonus draw would not apply.

I don’t know if free players really have it that hard, sure some might.
I started an alt account 3 months ago which is only run as f2p to see the difference with my main acc which is c2p and in the 2nd week i pulled a 5* and now 3 months after some very strict and well planned upgrading I am just upgrading to sh20 as we speak and on level 26 plus I have 5x 5* heros , many 4s with a couple of HOTM and all from free gems and gold tokens. I remember my alliance members being jealous because my very first pull using free gems I got a 5 off the bat and HOTM. So it is possible.
It took me 6 months on my main acc before I got my first 5* hero and that was with spending a few bucks here and there and 7 months before I got my first HOTM.

Your either lucky or your not. Whether your spending or not doesn’t make any difference to the outcome of what you get.

Although it would be nice to have that chance in daily summons I dout that will ever happen given the possible chances as described above.

Good Luck

I have always thought this and should also include the silver tokens as well. A very low chance but makes claiming them a little more fun.

I think a good idea would be to leave the daily summons the same odds, except add a 4* HOTM bonus draw to it.

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