4* and 5* ascension kits

Why not put together a 4* and 5* ascension pack you can purchase with 3000 gems. Which would include all need materials for 5 4* and 5. 5* hero’s. Might get people to purchase more gems. And make it to where people do not get so discouraged and keep playing. Have heard of a lot of players getting discouraged because they wait so long to get there hero’s leveled. What do you think?


Meant for 2 different packs. 1 4* and 1 5* pack. My bad.

5 Star Horghall ascend to tier 3
5 star Perseus same thing…
Despite Multiple A+ and tier 8 titan (6star) loot…I don’t think I’ll ever WIN the rare ascension items required.
I’ll just keep grinding away, but its’ as though THIS is my “glass ceiling” for gameplay

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Given that it takes about 6 months to get the 5* items needed, my bet is that it would have to be much more expensive than 3000 gems. Like MUCH more expensive and even then this is straight up P2W.

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The ascension mats are the one thing that keeps this game balanced between F2P and P2W players. The vast majority of all rare ascension mats come from game play, not purchased packages (e.g. Ascension Packs, monthly cash for gems and mats offers, etc.).

We already have players who spend tens of thousands here. Giving them a way to instantly buy a fully ascended 5* would give big spenders an unreasonable edge over everyone else.

I think you also underestimate the market value of such a pack. I’d put a value of 2,000 gems for a 4* mat and 800 gems for a rare 3*, or 24,000 gems for a set.

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I am so glad that I read ahead before replying. I agree with literally everything Kerridoc posted here and Yes, I think his pricing was accurate. I am fairly certain that I would not purchase the $240 pack, but…

I see greed is the main event here.

Or you can wait the six or so months like the rest of us. :slight_smile: