4/80 Lianna 3/70 Gregorion

when attacking titan, which one is better?

Greg. Due to the +crit to all heroes
But must bee seen with the titan lvl/stars

my team usually attacks 7-8 lv titans and hardly be done with 8 titans

If both maxed Greg, if only Lianna maxed then Lianna. That easy.
A lot more tile Damage.

My personal take on this:

If versus blue, Lianna and Gregorion.

If versus red, no Lianna. Probably not Greg either unless your blue heroes are terribad.

All other colors sure, bring Gregorion along, but he’ll need some looking after vs a 8 titan at 3/70 I suppose. Lianna only if you can’t double/triple on the strong color and she’s not taking the spot of Wu, attack buffer and defense debuffer.

I’m deep into tripling the strong color versus titans these days. It makes my damage both higher and more reliable.

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that’s my point! Greg is definitely better choice for attacking titan but my Greg is not full ascended

I usually use two colors versus titan’s color. I know good damage depends on good table of tiles. without any condition, tripling is better than doubling?

20 characters…

Is a 3.70 Gregorion better than a 4.80 Lianna when attcking titans? Nope.
At higher level it’ll be better than her (for titans only) but at 3.70 it’s nothing special.

Tripling the strong color is the way to go, once you’ve got the deep enough roster to do so while maintaining the holy trinity of Wu + attack buffer + attack debuffer.