4* / 5* Line up okay?


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Is the line-up of this team of a buddy okay or should you change something?


Let’s look at the stats for each card (I use Max):

  • Jennah = 245% dmg to 1 enemy
  • Ragnhild = 115% dmg to ALL enemies
  • Shaarkhot = Allies get +48% ATK 4 turns
  • Layla = 290% dmg to 1 enemy, plus 78 more dmg over 6 turns
  • Bane = 300% dmg to 1 enemy, plus blinded for 4 turns

Bane is your 3*, your highest damage and your strongest card. Put him in the middle.

On Defense, your cards will fire left to right. Shaarkot increases your attack, so put him first. Put Layla—who has multiple powers—next, so she will fire at the enemy first. (On offense, you will control your cards and choose who fires when.) :wink:

Be aware on your cards stats: ATK, DEF and HP (attack, defense, hit points). Put stronger cards (DEF+HP) closer to the center and weaker cards on the outside, where they will not be targeted as quickly.

I like:

Shaarkot, Layla, Bane, Jennah, Ragnhild


I thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: I should still have questions I’ll let you know ^^ Do you personally play yourself?


Thank you very much :smile:


Yes, I am a player like you! I have been here since April. :wink:


That’s cool and in what kind of an alliance are you in or what’s your name?


My name in-game is also Rook. My alliance is Misfit Toys. :wink:


Ok ^ ^ I can indeed find, but there is only one in there of 30 players or is that another I found :slight_smile: but something else … Do you know where to see how long the game already plays? So I have to say the game is the hammer only because you have to change something really slow times I find :frowning:


Misfit Toys currently has no openings (this may change!)

The only way I know the game shows time is by how many Titans you have defeated:

Click your icon, upper left of screen:


Look for “Titans Defeated”. Each Titan represents roughly 1 day:

(If someone knows a better way, please let me know!)


I have not quite finished a bunch of good heroes … I just do not know which one to level it makes sense, especially for the last province 23 which is very difficult … Or for the titans … I am really helpless where I have to say that it takes too long in my opinion to get some resources what I think is really stupid … Hmmm what would you do … Greeting Thunder of Horizon :slight_smile:


at this point you’re running into ascension materials waiting, like most of us. What ascension items do you have?


You mean what I need everything to rise of the individual heroes or what I have at the moment?


You asked who you should level, but most of your heroes look to be waiting for ascension materials. Is there a specific choice between two heroes you’re asking about? Because if it’s which one to ascend we would need to know what materials you have.


I am waiting for several ascent materials … These are 3 heroes who need certain things and are almost done where I have been waiting for a long time :frowning:


Caed to 70 is good once you get your 4th sturdy shield.

DO NOT ASCEND THORNE WHILE YOU HAVE ATHENA. What you should do is ascend Athena to tier 3 and level her to 70. Then while you are waiting for 3 more scopes, which will be awhile, level grimm to 60. You might possibly get more capes to take grimm to 70 before scopes to take athena to 80. You will get 2 more Warm Capes long before you get 3 more scopes.


You already have a defense oriented Yellow in Hu Tao. I’d either level and Ascend Chao or Musashi.


So should I rather let Athena rise instead of thorn? And incidentally let Grimm rise completely and wait for resources for thorn I understand that correctly? Then someday Grimm exchange against thorn …?


Yes. Athena is your strongest blue. Ascend her to 70. Then grimm to 70. Only then think about Thorne to 80.