4*&5* Heroes DPS against titans?

Anyone have any sorta stats on this as of yet, like some really good numbers? After playing some time and messing with different 4* and 5* combinations in the lower cup range of 1k to 1.5k cups im starting to see that tile damage trumps straight “special damage” in almost all cases even if your blowing up titans with same case elemental damage.

Level 60 Skittle, Level 60 Little John with a Tiburtus debuff will totally blow up a hero or titan especially if its against the weakened color like blue. I use to think fast mana was the way to go no matter what the circumstances were for titans but after playing around with bunch bench warmers im rethinking that strategy.

I knew 2 of the same elemental against the weak elemental was always a good thing but im seeing some of the heroes i use to think sucked, are actually quite powerful under some circumstances.

Hope this all made sense, was just looking to see if anyone had a large amount of numbers they have recorded against titans with different team comps. Sorry to ramble on! :grimacing:

I don’t think you’re going to find that; namely because titan damage is so highly board dependent that you can only really base team comps on obvious game mechanics and design which absolutely bears out the conclusion that tile damage > special damage.

There simply isn’t a DPS calculation like perfect rotation on rogues or kitty druids or whatever if you come from the WoW or similar… the game design adds a lot of variability as you are still at the mercy of the RNG for the color of the tiles.

The closest you’re going to get is individual tile damage against some target, and scaling that, is generally always good when it comes to titan team building.

So how bout which 4*&5* heroes have the best tile damage by elemental? And yes i played WoW back in the day, started on EQ and then to WoW. Im super MMO RPG nerd, old nerd…:disappointed:

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Hah, welcome to the club if you hadn’t already guessed.

That one’s easy, look at the ATK stat for the heroes you have in your collection.

Can see most of the max stats on 7ddgaming.com and probably other places too if you’re looking at what you want to build for titans longer term.

Basic titan tile damage optimization is simply attack buffs, defense debuffs, and then high ATK stat hitters of the strong color vs. the titan color.

The nuances of how a team works as a group is what makes this game successful. You can learn a lot about an individual hero from its stats, but developing strategies to use interactions among their specials is more of an art.

Then there’s the question of how much variance in outcomes you can accept. Wu Kong adds decisively to the average damage, but with bad misses you can sink yourself. A Wu+(4 of a color) might achieve jaw-dropping damage with solid boards and completely fail, while rainbow teams have lower variance in outcomes.

One example:

9 Star Dark Titan vs. Kiril, Gormek, Guardian Jackal, Chao, Li Xiu

tactics: Power up Kiril, then Gormek, hit titan with his skill, then the same with Jackal and then hope for a board with yellow tiles.

1st attack: got an average board, manage to power up everybody once, but due to lack of yellow tiles ended up with 13000+ damage

2nd attack: absolute disaster. Almost no yellow tiles on board, did not hit the weak spot five times in a row, got killed before the timer reached zero, ended up with 5000+ damage

3rd attack: got an excellent board right at the beginning, powered up Kiril, Gormek and Jackal. After they hit, trigerred I think blue crystal which then led to combo 12 with at least 3 of these being yellow. Ended up with 25426 damage, PB.

You have to go for it (I mean at least two heroes of the titan weak element), because it is always better to hope for luck and get a big hit, then use a rainbow team and get 3 x 10000 damage on every titan.

I agree with what was stated above that you should have a hero who enhances your attack and defense (Kiril) and one who cripples the titan defense (Gormek). Then you could deliver a really big hit. If you have a hero who can cripple the titan defense against his weak element then it is even better!!!


Welcome to the slow high attack heroes side :face_with_monocle:

Here, take a muffin.


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