4/5* Hero Talent - How To Decide Made Simple

Thank you for reminding me!

I will look at updating this in the next couple of days and will put a message here when it is done :slightly_smiling_face:


First, awesome graphic! I think very useful!

I am very surprised by Isarnia’s placement… above Guin, Zeline, Onatel? I dont have a maxed Isarnia for comparison, but I’m honestly shocked that Issy is even in that rarified air :slight_smile:

The other thing I wanted to mention…

This dude with some emblems hits HARD. He’s an absolute staple on my green team. I appreciate that you guys have him on the list at all, but I think he deserves to be bumped up, personally :slight_smile:

Thanks for the graphic !


Hubby and I will be going through it more extensively.

And, thank you :heart_eyes:

The guide values titan heroes quite a bit and Isarnia is strong on titans. Jinx actually effects Isarnia’s special. It does nothing for Guin and Guin is pretty niche as a tank only kind of hero. Isarnia hits more heroes than Onatel. And Onatel isn’t used on titans.

The updated version has Zeline above Isarnia I believe. Which makes sense to me as Zeline is a defense all star.

My apologies about the delay guys and gals, I’m planning on going over the whole thing and doing the explanations for each class. It will be a couple of days before I get it complete - I will let you know once completed.

Also, if there is anything you’d like added (apart from the new heroes) please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve finally updated it all, please follow this link:

Thank you all for your patience!


I’d like to reiterate the following points:

  • Use this as a GUIDE and/or starting point;
  • Ask yourself how often you use your heroes; if you use certain ones all the time (titans/raids/wars) and have more than 1 in the same class then look at embleming them all;
  • It’s okay if you disagree at some (or all) of the choices made…again it is only a guide.

Feel free to let me know if there’s any information you’d like added, etc

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Love your work, thanks for the link! I refer to it quite a bit and pass it on to my friends and alliance mates.

I do think you are underrating Kestrel in particular quite a bit. I think he’s one of the stronger rogues.

Also I think Kadilen is underrated since her last buff. She’s surprisingly annoying to face at times on defense. I think a case can be made that emblems on her aren’t wasted if you don’t have one of the better Druids

Also Elkanen is showing up in the 4* section for some reason.

Thanks again!

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Thank you for pointing out Ellkanen and for your comments; I’m pleased you find it useful.

That’s the beauty of it, imo, you come to your own conclusions as to who to emblem which may differ from what we’ve put here.

I’ll update Elkanen when the new September HoTM comes out :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy gaming!

Great stuff! Is this still being maintained? There’s missing heroes.

Thanks and yes it is. More will be added


I like what you did here. Explains why Richard and Thorne sit unleveled and 2 - 60. I got Thorne as a beginning player and could tell he stunk. For the C2P, empires giveth (Athena non-featured month) and taketh away in ice (R + T). Athena, highly emblemed Wilbur, highly emblemed BT, highly emblemed Proteus, highly emblemed Rigard, maxed Joon, and maxed Wu Kong do a lot of damage when packaged correctly. This graphic seems to show exactly that.

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Thabk you that feedback it is most appreciated!

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Hi @MrsBCW, thank you for this resource! Three comments:

  1. As has previous been noted, Elkanen is incorrectly listed as a 4* Cleric instead of a 5* (he’s not that bad! :wink:)

  2. I would like to suggest you expand the 4 star priority section so that at least two TC 20 four stars are listed, especially in the case where no TC 20 option is listed in the five star section. For example, take the Druids. All the five stars are HOTM’s or seasonal heroes. Melendor is the only suggested TC 20 four star.

We are now at a point in the game where many players will have maxed Melendor’s talents and are looking to do something with their Druid emblems, with no likely future prospect from your five star list. In this case, Caedmon seems the obvious answer, especially since that level of player likely faces primarily blue tanks in war and lacks other fast dispellers beyond Sonya.

Even if you disagree with that specific recommendation, listing a second TC 20 four star (or at least another 4 star, even if they’re from Atlantis or an event) will help many - I mean, I feel like that’s why I see so many talented Chao’s and Kelile’s - much of the player base does not have a better option.

Taking this class by class, I’d recommend the following additions (so that I do not have to keep writing it, I am ONLY referring to TC 20 heroes here, as accessibility is really what I’m trying to address here)

  • Barbarian: fine as is, with a 5* and two 2 4* heroes listed.
  • Cleric: Vivica and (presumably) Elkanen qualify, but someone behind Rigard would be nice - I’d say Boril (and plenty of people do this).
  • Druid: as noted, no 5* is listed and I feel Caedmon should be right up there
  • Fighter: Magni and Elena are listed, but someone should be behind Boldtusk. Personally, I’d favor Colen over Hu Tao.
  • Monk: Joon and Leonidas are listed, and Li Xiu is the (really only) option past Wu Kong (the latter is listed).
  • Paladin: Justice, but NO 4*. I think both Sonya and Cyprian should be added, in some order.
  • Ranger Lianna is the only one. I’d favor Tiburtus here (with Chao being the only other, though if we’re expanding beyond TC 20 I’d go Triton before him).
  • Rogue: Marjana is the only one with again no TC 20 4*. Scarlett and Kelile are the only TC 20 4* options.
  • Sorcerer: no 5* option, which is probably why I see so many talented Skittleskulls - she’s the only one beyond Sabina.
  • Wizard: Isarnia and Sartana make it, but there is no 4*. In this case I think Kiril is a natural candidate.
  1. I have been hoping to find you in a raid! It hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully some day. I’ll get you a video if I ever do, win or lose.

Thank you Ivy, as all ways some great suggestions there!

You have been in my head lol, my plan is to re-hash it all, this week, to have the 4s and 5s separate and ensuring all the heroes are included.

Also, I aim to redo the emblem explanations:

  • separate the 4s and 5s
  • give a better explanation - how we came to the decision, etc
  • include hero cards for all.

Like I said I aim to update it this week, I have a couple of job interviews so it may take awhile.

I look forward to your visit, perhaps I may visit you also :grimacing:.

Happy gaming and may the RNG gods shine down on your tiles!

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I’ve finally updated the chart!

Included are all 4s & 5s; separated the standard heroes from Atlantis, Events and Hotms.

I will be updating our explanations, as to why we chose them in that order, over the weekend - I’ll post a link once each is done.

Click here to see the new update, if you haven’t bookmarked it, etc

Hi guys! Just letting you know that I’ve updated the Hero Class Explanations to reflect the new updated Talent Chart.

Please let me know if you’d like to see any additions, etc.

Cheers and happy gaming!

This is great - is it kept up to date somewhere (with new heros)? Also Rogue Guardian Jackal is yellow not red.

Yes it is, please click here.

Awesome work tyvm- im actually about to make a huge move based on this table of info. Resetting atomos Emblems and giving Gretel the proper respect she deserves.

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