4* & 5* Hero Leveling help

In what order should I level these heroes according to element/color"

Green: Caedmon, Tettukh, Almur, Little John, Jake O’Hare, Hansel, Skittleskull, Melendor

Blue: Frosth, Zilla Lei, Sonya, Boril

Purple: Tiburtus, Ameonna, Malicna

Red: Shale, Mack, Kelile, Colen, Rakkamush, Azlar, Shadereave

Yellow: Gretel, Justice, Lady Woolerton, Chao, Li Xiu, Wu Kong

I currently have Cypian, Grifin, Grimm, Sabina, Kashhrek, Scarlett, Stonecleave, Boldtusk, Gullinbursti, all leveled to max or waiting resources for the last ascend. Thanks in advance.

For me it would be

Hansel, Almur, Melendor, Caedmon, Jack, Tettukh

Sonya, Boril, Zilla, Frosth

Tibs, Malicna, Ameonna

Kelile, Shale, Azlar, Shadereave, Colen, Rokkamush

Gretel, Wu-kong, LiXiu, Lady, Justice(tbh she is meh, you can brong her to 3^70 and maybe get better yellow 5*)

In my honest opinion, I would focus on the following first:
Green - Hansel then Almur
Blue - Sonya then Boril
Purple - Tiburtus
Red - Kelile
Yellow - Gretel then Wu Kong

Agree all the way with both of the above, except maybe do Wu Kong first in yellow if you want to improve your titan scores right away, and i find him really quite useful in all other areas of the game also. If you’re working on Hansel for mana control, doing Wu first instead of Gretel may prove more useful in getting better titan scores, and thus better loot, more ascension materials, etc.

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Green: Hansel, Almur, Caedmon, Jack O’Hare, Melendor, Tettukh, Little John, Skittleskull

Blue: Zilla Lei, Sonya, Boril, Frosth

Purple: Tiburtus, Ameonna, Malicna

Red: Mack, Kelile, Shadereave, Colen, Rakkamush, Azlar, Shale

Yellow: Wu Kong, Lady Woolerton, Gretel, Chao, Li Xiu, Justice

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