3x costume.bonuse for double limit broken heros is silly

The stats for Double limit broken charectors with 3x constume.bonus is rediculus. It is way to much. I am f2p and thought some of the costume.bonuses and LB would be good.because I have old 5* but I do not like the effect on the game.

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There always will be “better” characters. It’s their business model. They want you to look at other players with envy, or at least frustration.


Yeah, I understand. I am not enviuos. I know what my limitatiins are being f2p. I just think the path that was chosen is unfortunate. Just continue to create new charectors. But I am not the developer so it is not my choice. The problem with doing it the way they are is there is no end to the power increases.


That’s the game we play. It’s been pretty successful so far. It’s about overcoming frustration. There’s lots of strategies for it, but if they remove that frustration we’d not be here talking about it. The game wouldn’t last a year.

I think its good, this is only on classic heros which is all im lucky enough to get and even then i dont have a 5* classic with x3 costumes.

Its the one chance i have to maybe be relevant at times, having to keep and level multiple xiu, cademon, kiril etc. And i cannot wait for the day i get a 5* classic with costumes if i ever do.

If stuff like this wasnt a thing you might as well call the game cash & puzzles, im going towards 600pulls without a 5* while newer and newer heros are released which are mainly gem pulls. More stuff should be aimed towards though who put in time and dont just throw cash at everything.

Keep doing those ads every two hours for costume key drops.


This is exactly my f2p experience haha

On the one hand, the stat bonuses (and passives!) of Toon 5* are, in fact, ridiculous.

On the other hand, this is not so much the fault of Toons per se as of the game environment – inane Toon bonuses are what’s required to be roughly on par with The Current Heroes’ exponential power rush. (Heck, before long we’ll probably need quadruple costumes for such heroes to stay in the running.)

I gotta say, though, from my viewpoint, the game progression for me is feeling kinda… Flowers for Algernon. I spent a good while trying to claw my way up game progression, largely with “just” snipers because that’s what I had. Along the way, I went from F2P to C2P, started getting a modest range of non-sniper options, and then have been watching the power and number of heroes rocket away at ever-redoubling pace.

Now? It seems like the “modern” heroes I can get are 5* Toon snipers. So… I’m likely overall increasingly back to my prior playstyle, even as I’m generally in retrograde in any competitive part of the game.

And while I get that “leave 'em wanting more” Is a tried and true sales tactic

while there’s “wanting more,” and there’s also getting so little compared to what’s coming out that frustration edges (or gallops) over into despair–and folks outright, and even increasingly, just quitting. (It’s one thing to make sure your customers are hungry for more, and another for them to feel starving and not sure that they themselves will ever get meaningfully more.)

I don’t think anyone is talking about removing frustration, but… tempering it a bit: more and increasingly more frustration is pretty demonstrably not always better.


Also? Carthago delenda est. #52RareQuestsAYear


I keep hearing ‘thats just how the game is, and always has been.’ As a player playing since early 2018, the power creep was NEVER anything like this until sometime around 2022. The power difference between S1 and say, S4 was negligible. Now they are releasing raw level 80’s with over 1000 tp…far beyond any creep seen in the first several years. And it has had a drastic effect on the game. Is it possible for corporations to get MORE greedy over time?


The more they have, the more they want.
And sadly, it applies to quite a vast majority.


S5 was released by the time I started this game, and… Dunes, UT and Costume are the portals I target as a C2P.

There are a few situational heroes from S2-S4 that are nice to haves, but I got them quite quickly.

I haven’t finished S3 or S4, just unlocked the stage 30 for PoG. Battering S5 and UT whenever I have surplus energy left over from quests and Atlantis risis (although repetitive strain injury from using tickets on 15.8 for TC19 recruits is a concern).

I’ll keep ignoring S2-S4 hard mode because there’s just no point given the portal rewards.

I’d recommend finishing them. Not for the portal pulls, but for the fact that you get pretty decent 4* ascension mats for finishing the hard modes. If you look under your missions, you’ll get an idea of what I am talking about.

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You do get one of every 4* ascension mat for finishing Normal+Hard modes…

…but that is a long way to go, plus the coins at the end generally feel like a big letdown. (It shouldn’t have to be, as I’ve suggested for some time.) It seems crazy to play an entire season through Normal and Hard and not earn a single 5* from that season — moreso when those heroes are increasingly outmoded not merely by the passage of time since the beginning of each season, but by whatever monstrosity has been released in some new portal while I was typing this sentence :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I reckoned it would take about 16hrs of play time for each series on hard mode (~38 stages, 10 levels per stage, 2.5 minutes per level).

16hrs for a £5 ascension mat works out at 31 pence per hour. It’s possible I’m just a raving egotist, but I value my time slightly more than that.

If I enjoyed grinding levels it might be different, but I find series 3 and 4 in particular just annoying.

16hrs beating up different Brogan costumes with a random nerf applied to my heroes for a single ascension mat… I’ll skip that thanks!!!


Not to mention, I would need double digits of each of those mats.

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Sooooo, big question here.

I have received my first toon mask for a 5* hero, which i already had the other masks and fully ascended and LB2 all of them…

I have made the last ascend for the toon mask, but the bonus has only risen to 18/18/23/5 from 15/15/20/5…

Currently the toon mask is at 40/80, the question is, when will the full bonus be active? Cause something seems off here…

Not sure if I understood you correctly.

You receive the full costume bonus when the toon costume is maxed (including maxed special skill). It doesn’t need to be lb

Soooo, according to your answer if i put in the remaining 40 lvls on the toon mask the bonus will rise from 18/18/23/5 to 35/35/60/5 (don’t know if that is the maximum).

I will do that and come back with a feedback… I hope you are right.

15/15/20/5 is the bonus for only two masks… Seemed odd that the bonus got only to 18/18/23/5 even when i got the toon mask at lvl 40/80… I got only 1/1/1/0 per ascend

I can show you with the example of my Vivica‘s:
First one all costumes are maxed, but not all costumes are limit broken:

Look at the stat bonus from costumes: 40/40/65

On the second Viv only the last ascension of one costume is not ready:

The stat bonus is: 18/18/23

It will go up to 40/40/65 after the last costume is finished.

Happy gaming


I like the bonus. These toons are the best chance for non spenders to stay in the game. Their specials are not very good compared to new heroes so it works out.