3rd time I have lost hero's

I have said I am looking hero food 3 times and still it happens again. This time I just filled up the hero roster our power came back on I went to make coffee. Picked up the phone went to level hero’s up and went from 151 to 122in the hero roster. Enough is enough. Now I’m down 29 hero’s from my roster. Others were moved around taken out of teams put in the regular roster all in the time it takes to make coffee. Check into this and I know you can. My brother is a computer scientist and said th we e is a way to track this stuff in the game language. This was a hard hit. That is 3 ascensions I now do not have. This is B.S.

@Sirfightsalot Please submit a support ticket for this. The forum is monitored by players like you. As such, we don’t have access to any of your information. You can submit a support ticket in the game.

I wish all the devs good luck with that vaguelyresemblingenglish code.
This can really take a few business days.

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