3rd Magni or 1st Glenda

I have 2 fully leveled Magni. Should I max out my 3rd Magni or level my first Glenda?


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You put Glenda in center, and both Magnis to her flanks. Wings you fill with whatever you need.

Glenda this way buffs Magnis snipe dmg, and both Magnis def boost your wings :wink:


Glenda is great hero.

Magni does approx. 1100 dmg together with kiril attack up grimm/isarnia def down and Glenda special up.

On offense.

Glenda in center, mangis in flanks and kiril and grimm to wings. All will be ready to shoot at average mana

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My Glenda is at 4-55, already in the blue stack and I must say I really appreciate this hero. She has a decent hit, attack buf is cool, cleanse is great (I don’t have to rely only on Sonya anymore), I even find those minions handy. Since I have 3 of them, wouldn’t be surprised if I go with another sometimes in the future. Magni I don’t have… But, sure you can find place for Glenda in the team. :slight_smile:

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Another vote for Glenda. She is a great hero on offense and for events.

Mine is at 3/70 I used her a lot in the Ninja Tower event.

I will max her as soon as I get 2 more scopes.

I had the very same decision to make, but I even do have Magni’s costume.

I went with Glenda anyway, and I do not regret it. In my opinion, she shines the most between two “damage to all” heros, e.g. Isarnia, Elena, Azlar, …

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I have 4 Glenda. I have one at 3/70 ND currently leveling the 2nd one. I plan to put all my Glenda to 3/70 as they are decently usable at that level. The fifth hero in the mono blue team would be either my 3/70 Ariel or Frosty+19. Already used them in some maps and in early levels of the Ninja Tower. They already work wonders. Minions galore.

Echo the opinion here. Glenda gives the cleanse which is nice to have in blue :slight_smile:

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I have Glenda at plus 20 my only 5 star hero at plus 20. I use her on my 3-2 blue stack and rarely lose to a red tank. Don’t do as well vs other colors but i win much more than lose.

My 3-2 team is:
Jabberwock+19, Glenda +20, Magni +7, Athena +18, Freya +15.

I have many videos that don’t work on this site but have a blast with the new red tank meta.

I agree to use her in between your 2 other Magni and watch how fast you destroy your opponents.

She needs to be between 2 heavy hitters so they can do 40% more damage.

Glenda sandwiched by Finley and Cobalt with x3 mana charge is “Night-night”.

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