3rd Anniversary Forum Challenge - Share Your E&P Memories! 🎁 (Challenge Finished)

My personal favorite moment made me happy and a little bit sad at the same time. I was introduced to the game by my girlfriend back in summer 2019. She was already playing several months and it was her “couch/toilet”-game. I wasn’t interested at all when I saw E&P the first time flashing on her phone. At some point, she wanted to show me how it works, still not very interested she even convinced me to install the game. I played through the first levels and joined her alliance. A bunch of very friendly and active casuals. I had much fun being with those people. More and more time passed and I got more and more invested into the game. I studied a lot of guides and was a silent reader of this forum for daily bases. I learned a lot about the game and how complex it is besides the RNG. I no time I made such a progress that I found myself at the top ranks of my alliance. Then something changed and that is the saddest and the most exciting moment of my time playing the game - I realised more and more that I had a really good time with my mates, but at the same time I knew that I grew out of that group, I wanted to see more and play the game more competitively sometime… So my girlfriend and I decided to leave our little nest together and discover the big world outside our alliance and the start of that journey is my most favourite moment.
Since then my girlfriend and I join alliances for their current war cycle + a whole cycle and deal with this method very honest and open with the groups we’re joining. You may ask, what is the purpose of this procedure. 1. We want to connect with as much people and alliance strategies as we can, 2. We want to take our time and maybe we will find a alliance someday which just matches perfectly with our idea for the game. Until now I didn’t regret this decision at all and on the other hand I am happy thinking back about the group I’ve started this whole game.


OK My turn,…

One of my best memory is when I just joined the alliance, and when a titan escaped, I assumed that titan stole my loot. And I always get angry at my alliance when there is an escape titan.

My alliance members didn’t explain well.

I didn’t realize that actually it was a reduced loot, and not taking my loot.

After realizing that, then I wasn’t too worried anymore when titan escaped.

And after that I added a lot of insights and information earlier that came from the forum community, therefore I finally became a leader in my alliance, and gave info to new members.

Happy Anniversary E&P and all the players.


A lot of good memories during about 2 years in this game
I srarted in same alliance whice i am there now… and I made many friendships
One of my best memories was when i got first 5stars hero " alasie" with my first pull… I know later how I was so lucky to get month hero :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
And later wnen i got the second one " mother north" that was very fantastic moments
Before 3 month i was too busy in my real life and the going was going boring for me… So i left it till the 3rd session began and with first pull i got my first purple 5stars hero “freya” that makes me love the game again…

Alot of funny memories… Alot of sad, too… This anthor life lived in its

Happy birthday and thanks for everything
All respects and wish you more success :+1::+1:

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Best memory is finishing season 1, pulling Nashgar with my epic hero token, and then getting the bonus HOTM!

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I actually like this way of looking at the reduced loot. I may introduce that to my alliance.


Playing E&P got me through a health crisis.

When I could connect with friends made here I was able to participate in something and help others a little even as they helped and supported me through a very difficult time.

I won’t forget E&P or the community of friends I’ve been lucky enough to encounter in the 16 +/- months I’ve been playing.

Thanks for a very entertaining, always evolving, game and all the excellent people behind and in front of the screen.


There is a player called JimMe
The one and only in Crystal Palace

I’d try to beat his tower defence
Lost, many times

Once, our alliances matched up for war
Guess who one shot my defence…

One day in September 2019, I rolled JimMe again
I was much stronger now
Got Seshat during Sand event

So many times I tried before
Finally, I beat JimMe’s defence!

  • I have been playing for more than two years now, and am lucky to e-meet so many awesome players around the world :heart:


There is a word that comes to mind after reading your post…


Maybe it’s a defence mechanism. :joy:

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I have lots of good memories of this game. However if I had to pick one, it would be my first Atlantis. I remember when I collected my first 100 Atlantis coins, I was confused because I couldn’t find the Atlantis portal from the description on the coins. When I asked my alliance, they told me it came around once a month. So I waited, stockpiling more Atlantis coins. That Atlantis, I had enough coins for 3 pulls, which gave me Poseidon, Inari, and Muggy.

While I haven’t gotten around to maxing Inari yet, Poseidon is my only maxed 5* yellow and one of my favorite heroes. Even Muggy was one of my favorite heroes to use for a while before I had a bunch of 4*. It was especially fun to see him reviving everyone during war battles, allowing me to win.


Happy 3rd anniversary!
My best memory?
Trying out my first colour-stacking against a Titan.
My score went from 10K+ to 30K+! :scream:
Ever since after that I’ve been learning & fine-tuning my colour-stacked team formation to synergise each hero’s ability within the team.
My best ever titan score currently stands at 85K+ :sunglasses:


I began playing the game and shortly after joined my first alliance simply named “New”. After a few months a lot of us had grown our rosters together, but many of the team either had not or were mostly inactive. This led to us splitting off and forming our own alliance “The Mutineer’s Pact” (Now renamed “The Upside Down”) where our entire alliance was active and were actively trying to improve. Myself and the other leader even made a short lived weekly podcast with advice and game-related news for our members who were trying to improve. Many great memories were had there, but eventually I outgrew that training alliance and stumbled upon Crew, thanks to the late @Garanwyn. Nearly immediately upon joining @Math4lyfe began giving me a hard time for no apparent reason, and sent me a Line message of essentially “no hard feelings, this is how we interact with one another here”, and I knew it was going to be a good fit for me so long as I could ignore the unsolicited nudes she kept sending and just interact with the rest of Crew.

My fondest memories of the game do not revolve around pulling certain 5* heroes, but are rather of the people met along the way. Also, @Math4lyfe started it


Empires & Puzzles came into my life around the time my first child, my son, Abraham, was born. We spent so much time at the hospital with my wife in labor and me going back and forth from the hospital and home to check on the family pet and shower and then going back to the hospital to spend the night with my wife during the process of becoming new parents.

But there were times when my wife would be sedated and sleeping, and I was awake needing to pass the time. I came across an Empires & Puzzles ad through social media, and moving forward, I found two new wonderful things to enjoy.


And this…

Abraham was born on Martin Luther King Day, January 21, 2019 at 9lbs 1oz and 21 1/2 inches long.

So E&P has a special place in my heart with a deeper connection that transcends just the game. When I think of starting out in Corellia and moving through Rathwood and Windemer and those early parts of the game, I also think of the surrealness of becoming a new dad. Both happened at the same time.


My biggest memory is making videos & streams to help this community. I love doing it and I hope I can make a lot more.

Also winning my first rare event was a huge memory.


I remember my first pull in game, last year … Tarlek :star_struck: . When I play E&P I get into another dimension, and all my problems disappers. I didn’t miss a single day of the game. Hope we will be together many days, months and years from now.
Happy Birthday to all SG team.


I don’t remember my first 5* from TC20, or my best Atlantis pull or any type of ‘epic’ board that was filled with diamonds and dragon bombs. (That was an hilarious autocorrect)

I do remember three important dates.

February 1, 2018: when I downloaded the game.

June 17, 2018: when I was asked to join Crew-Saders… I remember how sad I felt leaving Crew-Raiders and how nervous I was after I clicked the ‘request to join’ button for saders.

October 31.2019: when Crew hit Global #1 for the first time… I may have actually shed a tear…

Over the 2+ years that I’ve been playing, I’ve crossed paths with so many amazing people. I’ve received words of encouragement when things in RL haven’t been so great. I’ve had a few that are close to me give me the reality check necessary for me to snap out of my own pity party. I’ve made some friendships that stretch beyond the confines of this virtual realm.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that there’s actually a game to play… like now. Lol. Chests to fill, titans to hit, wars to win.

Thanks to all who have shared their stories.
Thanks to the creators that have provided us the platform to all come together.


Now this is special. Congratulations on your blessing.


Best memory was when I did a 10x summon one Atlantis and got Delilah my first 5* hero.

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Happy birthday Empires and Puzzles!
When I was a few months into the game and didn’t have many 4 star heroes. The Christmas event came, I had been on a bad streak, as well I was struggling to beat the battle where the rewards were the Mother North avatar and an epic hero token. After a massive struggle where it appeared I was going to lose to Buddy and Santa, I felt that if I fired the remainder of my arrows and axes I might be able to finish Buddy, and then would have a chance at Santa, which is what I did, soon after I took out Buddy then was able to take out Santa. After the fight I summoned with the token I received I got Buddy. It was my best Empires and Puzzles moment and made for a merrier Christmas. It was cool to have an epic battle then win an epic prize.


HI!! My name is Jackie!! I am team lead of absolutely fabulous and I have been playing this game for quite some time now LOL probably pretty close to the three years I think I started in June… just a few minutes after the game opened. I have so many memories with this game I mean like I’m what people referred to as an empire addict, lol. If you spoke to anyone who knows me from my teammates to friends and family in real life even my preacher at church … :sweat_smile::joy: everyone could tell you stories about me going through with Withdraws when I couldn’t login because of lack of Wi-Fi or because I was at some kind of thing where I Couldn’t be on my phone or because of a glitch in the system where I physically could not login!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Don’t give me wrong I don’t know everything there is to know about Empire far from that but I am definitely a people person and I definitely have a lots and lots of love for my team and for this game!
while playing this game I have grown as an individual like seriously this game has made me a better person in some ways and in others it’s my addiction and is probably a bad thing LOL. There have been so many laughs and so many tears there has been friendships and family made here and there have been break ups! Some people jokingly call e&p puzzles and Tumblr.
there are so many things I can tell you about my time here on empire things to make you laugh, things to make you cry, and things to make you swoon. I don’t even know where to start!! I guess I could tell you a little bit of everything because it’s face it Empire. is life and life is full of ups and downs it’s scary it’s exciting full of smiles and sadness.
In the beginning: I won’t lie to you when I very first downloaded Empires & Puzzles I wasn’t particularly a fan and I even quit playing for a little while and got kicked out of whatever team it was I had joined. Then when I started to play again there was a young boy in global chat and he was upset because he felt like no one wanted to join his team because he was only like 11 or 12 at the time. I joined. And OMG !!! Let me tell you what I am so glad I did!!! I met some of the most amazing sweet wonderful helpful generous absolutely perfect people you’ve ever met in your life instantly I felt like family like really like I felt like any one of them can walk in my front door at any time and join my family for dinner! Like an instant connection I will never forget how warm inviting accepting and loving they were! It truly was a feeling of walking in to grandmas house for a family event! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:
as our alliance crew we branched into two alliances, sister alliances. the first was dragons of death (Dod) the second was dragons ash. (Da) I remember being so scared I didn’t want to leave but of course they were so helpful and supportive and loving and encouraging and eventually I followed half of our team over to DA. There we kept contact with our other half by using an outside server called Discord for communication. Stone (I call him boss) was the one who got us together on discord. Then we grew and team dad: Gand. He’s amazing!! He’s smart and funny! he can lift you out of any slump!! He left! It was hard and he took wompmachine (king) with him! But thanks To discard we were able to stay connected! :heartpulse: after about a month won’t came to get me he told me about another team that he was helping to grow and they were our new sister lights I followed him there to help him grow the team and to train! Well this process continued until one day there was a disagreement, I won’t lie, it was a jealousy issue! And the team split but still many of us kept connection through Discord! Then one day the most scariest thing ever happened!!!
our lead had a tantrum and LEFT US!!! We suddenly had a mean stranger for a lead!! Someone that had not been with us for even 2day!! And things got worse!!! There was complete chaos!!! Then when all hope seem lost when it seems like we would split 1 million different ways and never see each other again… Notnow (hero) came in from the nosebleed section LOL and just like some kind of magic made everything so smooth from under the table the next thing we knew what was going on I was made lead!! that’s right me team lead!! OMG talk about a panic attack!!! You know I had to call Team dad!! How could I not?! Well it lasted a week!!! …
Then dad made me my own alliance!! He picked our flag he wrote our first banner he wrote our description he named it and he made it absolutely fabulous and he said that he named it after me because I am absolutely fabulous and you better believe I had a meltdown I was so excited that he did that just for me but I was positively terrified of going out and branching out on my own!!! this is where the story gets emotional for me
So again made absolutely fabulous and he tells me to go there and he will make me leave and you better believe I was crying and hyperventilating and vomiting and like your name it! :sweat_smile: I couldn’t imagine leaving the team behind!! But you know it in so many ways I didn’t have to!!! I remember jolly stomper, he left the team we were in first and he said he was going there I was so scared I thought for sure he would just randomly leave and join some other team!! But he didn’t!! He was the first member of absolutely fabulous! :heart: When I join shortly later dad side the team over to me jolly said that the room was safe and that it would always be easy but he would keep it safe for me no one could ever hurt me here… it has been a long day and he told me to go to bed but I was afraid that I would wake up and he would be gone. I was sooooo scared!! But when I logged in 11!! Yeah!! 11! Of my team mates from red white and glue followed and joined me in absolutely fabulous!! Can you believe that!!! 11!!! We have continued to grow and expand and love and now we have 16 sister teams!!! And I hear a New merger is in works! I’m Excited to see what shall come!!
Some of my favorite memories:
In Dod: gand went to visit a sister team and our leader got frustrated and called Gand a birch. We still laugh and talk about this! And when womp gave me the nickname goddess (thus Goddess Jackie was born. :laughing:)
in DA: Joel is our fireman, he showed us his good luck tigger! It was AWSOME!! And Gand got everyone to tell yo mama jokes!!
DHS: Boss said I was queen of the castle and I could stay forever! :revolving_hearts:
RW&N: sooo many here!! … when I empire married kind womp! Officially making me Queen of the dragons! :laughing: marrying jolly! (Woo I always wanted to be a polyandrist!!!:joy::joy::joy:) The first time Roe truly talked to me! The first time I filled the room recruiting!
Red white and glue: getting the nick names lullaby and dove. ( details I’m not going into but it’s special.)
Absolutely Fabulous: omg where to start?!! Lol. My favorite memory thus far in here, I have to say was… founding day. Having mvp there and what he said… but there are so many AMAZING memories!! Like when a dozen of my mates change their name to include Jackie so there was a bunch of basically got a shaggy’s floating around in global chat it was hilarious and we filled up our room and emptied it so quickly LOL I swear that was like the best night ever there was go to Sharkeys everywhere LOL the names were spelled slightly differently or they had part of their original name and several people actually got stuck like that because they didn’t have enough gems to change their names back!!! :joy::sweat_smile::rofl::joy::rofl::sweat_smile: it was AWSOME!!! Or for Easter when we all had squire wabbit avatars!!

I admit though not every memory brings back joy and laughter and smiles some memories bring back tears summaries bring back hurting and heart aches… …
I remember When sy Had a heart attack and a few months later when his brother had a really bad Car accident I remember when MVP moved on to another team I remember when Roe suddenly left without notice I remember the first time Gand went to another team!! I remember when RW&N split and some teammates were so hateful! :sob:
But Through all the tears and pain through all the laughter through the silence do the fighting through the joys do the roller coaster that is life one thing is for sure I will never ever ever turn away from Empire as long as the doors are open I will be here and I will be the leader of absolutely fabulous for as long as I can physically play and probably long after LOL.
I have sent many of my year’s Christmas cards and even birthday cards, some of my teammates I have sang to sleep!! I have met some in person and some we have plans to meet in person many of them have my cell phone number and we talk on the phone quite often. We are a FAMILY!!! And like any family we stick together through thick and thin even though sometimes it’s hard to love one another you don’t turning your back on each other and honestly I wouldn’t trade them for the world and I can’t wait until we all retire together :revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::crazy_face::grin::+1:
Thank you small giant for empire and puzzles!! It truly is my heart and soul!! You can ask anyone I know. Lol! From the bottom of my heart! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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