3rd Anniversary Forum Challenge - Share Your E&P Memories! 🎁 (Challenge Finished)

Happy Anniversary Empires & Puzzles!

As I said in another congratulating thread: E&P is the only game in my gamer’s career since 1980s that keeps me playing for more than 2 years daily.

As for memories: My first 5* Justice came form an Epic Hero token granted on the second anniversary. :slight_smile:


3 Years i think thats good for mobile game congratulations and happy birthday E&P.
Anyway i play only since 5 months i can say that i found out about E&P by interacting with an ad from another game i played, think i liked it from first sight and started playing. Now im f2p also which adds to the challenge, but pushed hard to get vip days from 20 invites. That’s how i got started really liked my first months yey. I got my first 5* last month from tc 20 and i have the mats to get it to 4/80 :slight_smile: good stuff. Also the feeling i had while completing my first legendary event can’t be described with such low tp guess the vids i watched from the pros really helped.


MY MEMORY is when I started my first alliance 5 months into the game, now 650 days into my alliance with 15 of my members in for just as long with me give or take a couple of weeks between them.

We are a family now and know each other so well it makes our alliance much stronger I feel. Everyone is super active everyday no matter goes on in their lives, and they all love the game.

Another 6 members with us for over a year also now and loving it.

My first 5* was Santana 6 months into the game and I been flying high ever since.
Now with 3 acc’s and a couple of others with us with 2 acc’s, E&P has become a part of our daily lives never missing out on titan hits, war’s, quests and events.

@zephyr1 excellent continuous tread updates of everything that goes on in the game during this time has also been a under rewarded as there would be heaps of hours a day that go into all the information he provides us with which has made our playing this game much more enjoyable and interesting so for that I that you Zephyr1 for you dedication, time and Knowledge of the game.

What makes it both fun and enjoyable is knowing E&P offers constant updates, improvements, new features, forum information and help/support and together they do their best to please as many players as they can.


I started playing not so long ago, but one of the most exciting moments was when I got my first 5 * character! It was cool

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I’m going to cheat and combine several memories (on the forum) into one collective appreciation. My favorite Empires & Puzzles memories are the response of the community to challenging & provocative subjects as far as cancer diagnoses, struggles with cyber bullying & depression and death whether it is a digital E&P relationship or if it’s a personal matter with this community rallying around the player.

Often on the forum there are disagreements, ribbing, comedy and rage, but when we get down to the core of important/pivotal moments in the well-being of the average Empires & puzzles player, this community has come together in remarkable fashion with outpourings of love & support.

As @ProfLoki mentioned those communities generally start with alliances and I’m blessed to have joined up with @zephyr1 and the Pirate horde (regulars including: @anc1ent1 @SupremeAlienRaptor @Lumpson @FabulaSumus ) and the other pirates who peek into the forum from time to time, as well as several other forum regulars who I’m not going to tag but have been tagged in perpetuity in posterity posts in other threads.


My favorite one was thinking how I can make entire row as dragon bomb. Took almost an hour to try and come up with this but couldn’t complete it as I didn’t have any other valid move with out bursting them.


My memories about this game is Bitter and Sweet.
Playing from 3 Sep 2018, make me meet awesome alliance , The Headless Horsemen. We share all laugh, tease and joy together almost 1,5 year .
I still remember how Viper dedicated his time to answer all my question, and how all member and elder encourage me, even I just make a tiny scratch for Titan hit.
Viper also share Anchor tutorial, when He know I struggle with Quest (forget wich one) that gave 4* AM.
I learn the tutorial , and credit for Anchor who make newbie player like me learn how to deal Hard quest with limited heroes.
And when Viper ask how is going, I say yes I pass it!!! (With gem to continue it) . He laughed, and said 4* AM is worth more than 75 gem.

There more and more story to tell, like when we meet awesome alliance in war,but like all said picture can tell a thousand unspoken story, I will attach some later.

The bitter memories, when our THH choose to disbanned, and we must said goodbye to our ally, I can’t believe it, and can’t stop my tears.
Here is our achievement

But the show must go on! Now some of us merge with awesome alliance in Crew, we hope this can be our forever home to build another sweet memories with new friends.
SG will always remain me with THH, Viper and our dearest friend in there.
And SG will be there for me to play and having fun together with my old and new team mates in Squires Wardogz.

So HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY SG!!! Wish your game bring happiness and good memory to everyone who play this game with their dearest one.

(@ Viper , Thank you so much for what all you done and make an awesome alliance The Headless Horsemen to call a home! All the best for you and your RL! We love you so much!)
For all THH Member, you all like Old wine for me!

Cheers, and I believe wherever you go , you bring all this spirit with you

Love u 3000
Tagging you here :
@Kloster, @Purpeyes, @PMoss, @BoomBoomPapa


Here is the list:

  • picking my first 5* hero which was Horgal,
  • joining once great polish alliance from which i was kicked after more than 700 days of playing because I started complaining too much :),
  • the feeling when getting a free hero token,
  • this memory was stolen by Bane :(,
  • and finally, getting not-confirmed info about a possibility of getting a hotm from the hero academy ;).



Long time player… short memory lol. Too many favorite moments to pick a clear favourite…
Pulling Drake was an early “wow” moment.
But wars … sometimes awful I admit, but those last minute wins, when a team mate pulls it out of the hat against the odds, I think there are a few moments like that that share the top memory award :slight_smile:


Best memory is when S3 came out and I got Telluria and Heimdall, had been waiting so long time for good greens


Some moments like this one.

Few minutes ago.

An ally worried because he doesn’t go out war, and he’s now at hospital with his new baby.

War? Who cares about war! We’re now 31 in the alliance. Go now and share us some photos of this little princess.

SG moments.


I started playing Empires and Puzzles a little over a year ago (mid February). I was waiting in a food court for work on my car to be done and was looking for a way to kill time. I started looking on Google Play for something to keep my attention and I noticed this game. I said to myself “This looks cool, I like match three games…and theres a base building aspect as well!”.

After playing for about an hour I was hooked. I love the way the game looked/played and I became a fan. I purchased the year vip pass and haven’t looked back since. One of the few times I don’t mind spending money (and sometimes a lot of money…lol) for a free game that I enjoy. I want to support this game because I’ve had so many hours of fun playing it.

My first Legendary was Kunchen and we’ve been rollin through this game ever since. Love this game and I hope it continues to do well in the comining years!



First 5 star: my daughter pulled the Queen of Hearts for me after ~2 months of playing and she was so excited :slight_smile: she still loves her :slight_smile:

Alliance things: first 9* titan, first 10* titan, first time above 4000 points in war, first time above 5000 points in war - oh and of course our alliance baby: the mother said, maybe she couldn’t do the war flags in the evening because of the birth, but the next day then :smiley: she did it^^ I think, I would not have been able to play after the birth of my daughter^^ I have a great alliance, since some weeks I’m leader and it’s doing great for a long long while with ups and downs, but more ups :smiley: (I joined ~13 months ago)


Long time player, Dec ‘17. I have so many favorite memories. First was reaching #1 in the US after a year of playing. Then a few months later, reaching Global #1, which was the the first on many. But my absolute favorite memory is when I found out that my wife had started playing. She had started off in an alliance that helped her navigate her way through the game. (She hadn’t told me she was playing). Her ultimate goal was to kick my butt in a raid. Lol. Now she’s in my alliance and I couldn’t be more proud.


Playing for 1.5 years with several great memories.

Reaching #1 spot in Germany and later in the game even global for sure was a memorable moment;

or winning the war where we finally used all our flags for the first time by 2 points (I still keep the screenshot)

and most of all: ending up here with all of you guys, especially (not meant to be complete) zephyr, rook, barry, garanwyn, guvnor, and many more…


Happy 3rd Anniversary, Empires and Puzzles.

I have friends who played gotcha / lootbox / card building games before on their phones for years, and just never took interest in playing one myself. Until January 9, 2018 when I downloaded the game on a whim. Not having played any game of this sort means I didn’t know what to expect except the pretty graphics and match 3 mechanism. Back then, there is only Season 1, and only the HoTM available as the 5* (Natalya was the HoTM then).

My thought process was after a few weeks of addicted playing was, when and if I will ever be able to get one of those shiny 5* heroes because I can’t seem to get them out of summoning portals and they just don’t drop on loots (Hey, I didn’t know any better back then). It is upon discovering the forums and learning that there is still hope for a Free to Play player like myself, and that’s Training Camp 20.

For the longest period of time that I remembered, I only had Melendor, Kelile, and Li Xiu as my 4* and these were out of single 300 gem or Elite Hero Token summons. I also didn’t have strong enough troops to help me do enough damage or survive the later Season 1 stages, so there was a lot of back and forth, replay earlier stages, get stronger, and I eventually reached a point in which I couldn’t ascend either of the 3 because I couldn’t get enough ascension materials for any of them and they’d be sitting at 3^60 and get slaughtered by enemy mobs and I’d be failing on Rare Quests because they simply aren’t strong enough. Eventually, through Titan drops, Mystic Vision, and Chests, I finally got enough to fully ascend one of them.

Fondest Memory 1: The day I took Melendor to 4^70. He is still squishy, but my first maxed 4* hero! Huzzah!

Discovering the forum and learning from vets that I should ditch the evenly leveling of the buildings (which was what I did in the past) and focus fire to Training Camp 20. Which I did and started to do late March of that year. Took me until July of the year (because I did not use a VIP Pass, which wasn’t even available yet) to start my first TC20 session.

Fondest Memory 2: First TC20 and out spitting my first 4* Purple (Cyprian) and first 4* Blue (Sonya) to complete my first Rainbow 4*

Fondest Memory 3: TC20 spat out my first 5* (Azlar) and not long after, Isarnia, my favorite hero to this date (the day I pulled her out of TC20 still felt surreal). Because I feel that I’ve actually reached a certain group, and somewhat elite status of players holding 5* heroes on their roster.

Most of the details of my journey are somewhat blogged here:
(Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P)

2 years and change later, Isarnia is still the strongest hero I have on my roster, and as I’ve said before, She is the Queen, everyone else is just extras.

Finally, Fondest Memory 4 has to go out to my Alliance Technicolor Minds. Which I formed prior to my first TC20 production by grabbing some active players out of my first alliance that was about to go belly up. Not knowing if it will ever amount to anything, but we went from barely killing 3* to being able to off some 10* now, not bad for a casual alliance. Our alliance had some ups and downs and most of the group have been intact for a good year to and year and a half (some were even original members who moved with me).

Happy Anniversary again, Empire and Puzzles.


I’ve been playing for almost 2.5 years so there’s been a lot of fond memories. Ones that stand out are:

  1. Finally finding an amazing alliance, where you can laugh out loud with your mates and still have that competitive spirit.

  2. Pulling Misandra and Tarlak the first time the Atlantis portal was open. I was in complete shock and joy.

  3. Finally pulling that elusive Guinevere! I know she’s no longer reigning queen, but she holds a special place in my roster.


С днем рождения моя любимая игра!!! Это первая игра, которая попала мне в сердце! Мое самое приятное воспоминание это Victor о котором я мечтала, как только я его увидела! Благодаря вам я нашла много новых хороших друзей! Е&Р я желаю вам процветания!!!:hugs::kissing_heart:

(Mod translation via Google):
Happy birthday is my favorite game!!! This is the first game that hit my heart! My most pleasant memory is Victor, which I dreamed about as soon as I saw him! And he became mine! Thanks to you, I have made many good new friends! E&P I wish you prosperity !!! :hugs::kissing_heart:


My favorite memory is what got me hooked on this game and I never looked back. Decided to give some Atlantis summons a go back in November of 2018. First pull was a Triton and I was stoked about it. This was back when I first started playing so I didn’t even know what a 5* looked like in my roster. Second pull was a 3* and out popped Zim with the bonus pull! I just sat there and stared at the screen for what felt like an eternity lol didn’t even know how the bonus rolls worked for the HOTM back then and thought it was some kind of bug. Anyway, here I am about a year and a half in to the game and still love every minute of it!


Happy Anniversary E&P! :partying_face:

I have SO many memories of this game I can’t even pick one favorite.

I got here from an ad in another game and had no idea where I was getting myself into. I got hooked.

I’ve been to a bunch of Alliances since I started, had that big 5* (Magni!) pull with a Mystic Vision Token, NEVER pulled Wilbur from so many pulls at the Atlantis portal, but the Forums and the people I met here are my favorite memory.

There are so many people I truly enjoy playing this game, but it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention the ones that made a big difference for me, that made E&P more than just any other game. Thank you @Garanwyn @Bruno82 @Hrairoo @zephyr1 @JonahTheBard @Kitten and @nevarmaor. Even when you are not always around, thinking of you always make me smile :blush:

And nothing would be possible if it wasn’t for our Beloved Lady AIFE, Protector of the Tiles and Good Sense of Humor!

May the Aife reign for much more years to come!

Should I also include…

  • @Rigs (just to annoy the guy by throwing him as a poll option)
  • @Voidstrike (because I know he wants it!)
  • @zephyr1 (again, because well… this Forum!)
  • Other iconic Forumites I can’t tag because there’s a maximum per post… (please, name your faves)
  • Aife
  • Renfeld
  • Tuck, Friar

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