3rd Anniversary Forum Challenge - Share Your E&P Memories! 🎁 (Challenge Finished)

The memory that stands out the most to me was about a year ago I was wanting to get Guinevere really badly. I figured there was little to no chance to get her, but with a lot of hope and prayer I had planned to try and do some summons for her the next time she came available. Well Avalon fell at the same time that I had surgery and I knew I was going to miss it and was bummed. But on my way home from my procedure, my wife had to run into the store to get a couple things real quick and I sat in the parking lot feeling miserable and decided to pull out my phone and try. Lo and behold I got Guin! So my miserable day turned into a great one in the stroke of one summon.


Happy 3rd anniversary E&P. Wow been here since April 2018, seems like just yesterday I was staring at kashrek ready to throw my phone because I could not kill this guy no matter how many fireballs my colen threw at him. A week later I’m struggling through the rare level of my first event and take a look at the leaderboard and see all these teams running one color. Was so confused as I had no idea that if you stacked colors you did more tile damage. Also found the forums on that day trying to find the answers to why anyone would run one color lol.

Today I am still just as deeply involved in the game and was able to get people that I worked with to join with me so we are able to have war meetings at the bar and its wild how much fun we have winning a war while having a few drinks with the guys and girls. Have people coming to our table as the big game they are watching is on commercial but all of us are cheering about something at our table.

My alliance mates and I, through the test of time, have amassed a crew of people that I laugh with, joke with, talk about our children, see pictures of one two of our members newly born, and see fantastic photos of other countries I would love to visit. Thanks E&P for bring such positive people in my life from my alliance to this forum. Hope everyone finds the real joy to be found in such a beautifully frustrating game. :slight_smile:


The most memorable event for me was when i pulled my first 5* hero. It was so exciting!


Happy Birthday E&P and thank you for the gift.

It’s also my Birthday today and just over 2 years in on here.


I enjoy this game so much, from beating an enemy with your last man standing, and I have done it with one point left, to the new challenges. My team’s amazing, were all very busy in life but play for fun and friendship.
Fave moment probably getting my first five star hero, I’d love to be able to trade heroes! But so many small victories like hard titans or challenges keep it interesting. Happy anniversary everyone !


I can’t choose one, so I choose when I help someone with the game in any circumstance. That’s moments involve so many.

@Ozy1 Happy birthday!!! :birthday:


I remember coming into this world; cold, naked, and alone. The doctors told my parents I may only have 100 years to live… next thing I know I’m global #1 and an E&P household name.


I too have been playing so long that it’s hard to pick a favourite memory. The ones that stand out for me the most are the laugh-out-loud moments (and there have been plenty!) between my alliance mates and here on the forum.


My fondest memories of E&P…how to decide?

My very first 5* hero, Isarnia, on a token pull in my first couple weeks of playing. I still love her, even though she took forever to max…

Finally getting that 6th telescope to ascend Isarnia. By then I had ascended a 5* in every other color and 2 in purple, but the telescopes had eluded me for months…

Breaking into diamond raid arena for the first time…

Hitting #1 globally for the first time…and then immediately losing over 600 cups when I logged off… :rofl:

Building Magnificent Bastards, and meeting so many great people there. @GloriousBallsack, @Hoofhearted, @SWEG, @Jael, @Cruzcampo and many others…

But I would have to say my favorite memory of E&P was when I had been playing maybe 6 months and felt like I was getting nowhere. I came here to the forum and found an immense wealth of information, advice, tips, tricks, and most importantly, people. The community here is like no other I’ve ever experienced anywhere. Warm, supportive, intelligent, wisecracking, sarcastic, even abrasive at times. It truly is a family, and finding it is hands down my favorite E&P memory.


I started playing in october/2018, and my favorite memory of playing this game is when my friends and girlfriend started playing aswell. The game itself is awsome, but when you play with friends and can share this experience, it’s even better!


Since I started playing this game I always been a member of the same alliance (215 days now). I had many questions at the beginning so the leader of the alliance startet to help me out a lot, and introduced me into the game, especially alliance wars. So at the beginning it feels like your nothing and so on… but he always pushed me further.

This screenshot was made by him, showing me that we won the war, and that I made the most points for the first time! For me, this screenshot captures my way from being a “noob” to be the second leader of our alliance! I love the game, my Alliance and especiallly my “Teacher” Dexter !!!


My favorite E&P memory… Phew… Where to start? :smile: :thinking:

It all started with a little ad in a different game. E&P got me hooked. I started playing occasionally.
After roughly 1 year I finally made it into the Seven Days Family and joined Seven Days Reborn.
August last year my goal was reached: I joined 7DD (Seven Days Departed). :slight_smile:

Little did I know my journey was just about to start. I am now not only leading 7DD but also the entire 7D Family. :blush:

One special memory that stuck out tho was my first ever 6/6 war in Departed. :muscle:


Happy birthday to you mate.

I just tried to start a thread and had nothing but problems.

Maybe @zephyr1 can start an official one.

I searched and couldn’t find one so let me be the first to wish you a great Birthday :birthday:

I hope you have the best day ever.


The time I started to play this game was on October 26, 2019. So I think I am still a new player. But I play this game every day because I really enjoy playing with E&P. In Taiwan, not very people play this game, but I am willing to introduce this game with my friends. Congrats the 3rd anniversary! I think I will still play this game every day.


Happy birthday E&P.
One of best online game ever.

More free gems ,plz.



Happy anniversary E&P

My favorite memory has to be the first seasonnal event i completed.
Having started playing in January 2019, Springvale was my first go at a seasonnal event and even without a maxed 4*, i managed it.
That was a real thrill.


Любимые наши Empires and puzzles! Искренне поздравляю с 3 годовщиной!!! Я очень рада что вы есть, так как позволили найти очень много друзей со всего мира!!! Желаю вам отпраздновать 100 летнию годовщину!!! Моё самое лучшее воспоминание, это когда я призвала второго Могильщика! Я тогда, подумала, а зачем мне второй?! А сейчас не представляю свои команды без них :slightly_smiling_face:

Mod translation
Our favorite Empires and puzzles! I sincerely congratulate you on your 3rd anniversary !!! I am very glad that you are, because you have allowed me to find a lot of friends from all over the world !!! I wish you to celebrate the 100th anniversary !!! My best memory is when I called on the second Gravedigger! I then thought, why do I need a second ?! And now I can’t imagine my teams without them


Congrats SG!

-I just remember my very first EHT… 1 month after into the game… made that pull and BOOM… got Lianna… mind was blown :smiley:

-26.09.19… almost 5 month into the game… made my first Atlantis pulls, a 30x, saved gems only to get Alby… and “BOOM”, got Albi, Joon and Aegir in one 30x, still have the video :blush:

-but most amazing, did 150pulls last Pirate event… no 5*, same month i did another 150pull at Atlantis… no 5* again… what a painful month :frowning:


So many great memories. For me, probably the best memory was when I figured out how to do multiple accounts on my phone and seeing the look of excitement on my children’s faces when they got their own accounts. Instead of farming for me here and there, they could play their own game. We’ve had a lot of fun playing together as a family. I’m kinda jealous of my 3-year-old who has Kingston and my 5-year-old who has Ursena, lol.


My memory:

I have to beginn with the start of that game. It was in spring 2018. I had to learn for a further education test so that I can teach primary school teachers (spoiler: I made it and I am teaching them since summer 2018). In short words: I’m now the teacher of the young teachers. During my learning time I usually have to distract myself with some funny things (my daughter, my [at that point) pregnant wife, good books to read) and one of them was the download of my first and only mobile game after “Snake” on my old Nokia. The game was Air hockey. During the play there came an ad. I was blown away. “What, an advertisment during a game,…what kind of sick…” You know that my last gaming experiences came from Monkey Island 2(PC), Secret of Mana(SNES) or Final Fantasy 7(PSX). After that I was no longer a consumer of video games. Meanwhile I know that the new games often have some buy-ins or similar things “Hi, EA games!”.

Long story, short: the advertisement was for E&P. I downloaded the second mobile game ever. And because of my lovely RPG-past I fell in love with it. I started in May 2018. Then the summer event came. I fought some stages and all I could think of was… “WOAH! Those are some ugly (sandy) heroes but they are powerful. No way, I can no longer heal myself…what the hell is wrong here!!!” My team at that time was the following: Bane, Layla, Ragnhild, Kashrrek and Jahangir. Of course, there was no way I can make it trough a lot of stages. One stage with Gafar was my final stage I could compete with.

During this event I got lucky with a hero token. Oh yeah. It was shiny and new and… oh some kind of better than those grey ones. I used it directly and that was a blast now!!! The hero I summoned after that was GAFAR. It was unbelievable!!! I spoke to myself: “No way! He’s that Jafar-from-Disneys-Aladdin-Look-a-like who was so strong that I couldn’t beat the stage. WOAH, what a beast! And that beast is mine…mine…MINE!!!” Fortunately I spoke to myself in my head and didn’t shout it out loud. Cause my daughter und my wife were in the same room as me and I only can assume how they would have looked to me:


That was the one moment I knew that the game has captivated me.

And what should I say. It still has captivated me! Nearly two years now. Gafar is still in my roster. But only for the nostalgia! I used him rarely in the last months. But he is still in my heart even though he was allowed to kiss the beautiful Jasmin in the animations…but this is another story!
Gafar, you are the key to my addiction.


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