3rd Anniversary Forum Challenge - Share Your E&P Memories! 🎁 (Challenge Finished)

So many things to happen.

Playing for one and a half year now (started out September 2018 -Khiona was Hotm, then Aegir) mostly I remembered things when it was “the first time”

Here are my “first time memories”

  • first 3* Carver from daily summons after around 2 weeks of playing …super happy, didn’t know that 3*'s were available
  • first 4* Sabina from epic summons within first month … got her as my main healer…she helped a lot and I have never her gotten since
  • first Atlantis 4* hero Danzaburo december 2018
  • first finishing events rare and epic and rare item quest
  • first 4* hero at TC 13 Tiburtus january 2019
  • first 5* hero Guardian owl at Guardians event march 2019
  • first completing last stage of class trials
  • first 5* hero at TC 20 Khagan may 2019
  • first Hotm at Atlantis Athena july 2019
  • first finishing legendary stage at event june/july 2019
  • first maxed 5* Khagan september 2019
  • first (and only) bonus draw Kingston october 2019
  • first entering for a longer time diamond league november 2019
  • first costume Sonya and first 4* fully maxed with emblems november/december 2019
  • first maxed 5* rainbow team december 2019
  • first time reaching top 100 february 2020

There will be some more I guess.

But there is still one special thing. My wife and me were playing in an alliance together and we did an alliance meeting. We were around 12 people and had a fun weekend together from all over Germany…talking about the game and other stuff and got to know each other better. It was just great. So this game connects people as a hobby.


I have a lot of good memories related to this game. In this time, I have had a daughter. Sometimes I let my baby daughter and my wife to do the pulls but they mostly dawas and ulmers.

One of my Best memories related to the Game was one war that our aliance was winning for a couple of points. We didn’t have more attacks and our opponents had 3 attacks left. With one attacks our opponents could have win that war and an hour remained. That was a really tense hour.

Luckily they didn’t Connect. We celebrated and have some fun about It :).


I’ve been playing this game for more than 18 months now.

Besides the varieties the game offers, the different types of playing, the best memory is the day when I found my alliance. We became a family. We are always here for each other. We talk daily and with time we became really close. That’s one of the best things this game offers. Friends who become your family.


This is a tough one. I’ve had quite a few good memories of this game - from lucky summons, to getting good advice on the forums, to wonderful interactions with alliance mates, to finally breaking into Diamond arena or completing a challenge event.

One stands out though…

Alliance War with my tiny 3-man alliance. Mine was the last flag, and we were VERY close in score to the enemy alliance. They had used all their flags, so if I could win my last attack, we would win.

Except I had almost no bench left. New to the game, with barely 30 usable heroes.

I picked the most promising target: an enemy with only a surviving Li Xiu and Sabina in the wings.

I knew about color-stacking and mono, and it was a Field Aid war, so I decided to mono-Purple. Alas, I had used all my 4* and 5* Purples, so it was down to the 3*s.

Balthazar for sniping. Chochin for mana control. Gill-Ra for the defense reduction. Oberon for poison damage (and I had already used Tyrum for the dispel). and finally… hey, it was a field aid war (and my only other Purples remaining were Renfeld and Prisca…) VLAD.

So, off we go. Had never done mono in a raid/war before (only farming in stage 7-4 and 8-7), so I’m sweating. What if the board is bad? Ah, no matches yet. Let’s fiddle around… get these Red tiles out of the way… Whew, finally a match. Ghost them up. Another match - under Sabina. Meh. Let’s take a risk… ah. Another match. Oh but wait, Sabina is about to heal. I fire my fasties, Balthy and Vlad. She doesn’t die… but at least I steal some healing. Field aid. More healing stolen.

Let’s ghost some more… Sabina’s been weakened, so I target her. Gill-Ra for defense reduction. Oberon goes… dang, Sabina is still alive. Chochin for the kill. Would have preferred to use Choch on Li, but I figure it’s best to take a weakened hero down for sure. And I had recently lost another war attack on a corner Sabina, so I wasn’t looking to make that mistake again. Plus, my mono is the strong color against Li, so she should be easier… right?

Ghost some more. My team’s in OK shape, though the slash attacks have taken their toll. Vlad and Balthy charge up again. I look at Li. Yikes. She’s getting close to full mana. Do I have time for Gill-Ra to charge? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not. I start to sweat… I fire Vlad and Balthy. Dang. Li still has about 1/3 health left…

Not many Purples left on the board. I start to panic, frantically making matches to bring the Purple tiles together. If I can charge Chochin up…

Field aid. Oh, man! Li’s health goes up - though Vlad steals some of it. Whew.

Oh dang. Only available match will set a tile under Li. @&!(!*. I don’t have a choice…

and there it goes. Li’s mana is maxed. She fires…

Gill-Ra, Chochin, Balthy and Oberon go DOWN.

But Vlad… Vlad… Vlad, with his health steal and humongous HP stat to begin with…

Vlad SURVIVES. With more than half health left.


That last move brought a few Purple tiles around. Come on, RNG and horrible spacial/motor skills…

Another match. Then another. A replacement Purple tile finally shows up. Zing! Vlad charges and bites Li again. And the replacement tiles are 2 Purples! Field aid… fine, Vlad steals most of it. I wipe my forehard. Will mono win this time?

One more match - this time under Li…


I throw my hands up in celebration.

And that is how Vlad won my alliance a war.


My favorite memory was drawing my first five star hero, zimkitha, on a bonus draw, seven months into playing the game. I nearly jumped out of my chair. I still use her frequently.


Love this story 20 characters worth


Thank you! So kind of you to say :slight_smile:

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I have had great memories, but the most special one will always be a disconnect. What?
After about 300 days of play I did a summon. I can’t even remember if it was with an EHT or gems. I did the summon and the game froze. Boooooo.
I restarted the game and I got an Ulmer… and an Aegir was just sitting there. I was overjoyed. Even though the forums claimed he was garbage, I got the 1 hero I realy wanted. I loved his design, I loved his lifesteal effect. Then he got buffed a couple of months later and now he’s realy good, especialy against titans and tougher quest/event stages. It is still the only 5* hero I have ever summoned (thank god for TK20) and still my favourite hero.

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That was epic! Well done.

And Vlad no less :rofl:


One of my favorite memories was getting Richard through level 20 training camp. I proudly showed him off to my husband, who doesn’t play E&P, but we were having fun making references to Richard Bucket from the British sitcom, “Keeping Up Appearances.” The thing that cracked me up was when he ended on a quote from Hellboy (2004), saying, “Look at the size of that whammer!” :joy:

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LOL “The Boo-kay residence. The Lady of the house speaking.”

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I’d say a memory of mine that worked out. I was new to the game and gravemaker was the hotm. I just thought he looked awesome. I thought man I gotta get this guy. 3 Ten pulls later boom there he is! Awesome, happy dance. 3 months later, mind you he isn’t finished yet, I learn he is very fast. Hm this is awesome. So After working on other hero’s first and actually learning how the game works I figured out I had a gem in this guy. Man oh man did I feel lucky, happy, and stupid all at once. Lol


So great to read all these memories! I bet E&P staff is going to have a hard time chosing a winner. As I already have posted mine, just to comment I have finally entered the diamond arena… for 5 seconds. Hahaha
Time enough to get a diamond reward. I am so proud of my speed at claiming rewards!


I pulled a Kunchen once. It’s my only bonus draw. Towards the end of February last year, no tokens or coins had worked, so I did a 10 pull. Very last day of the month, 9 nothings, and then a 10th, with a Kunchen.

I remember thinking, the February HOTM would be a good 5* healer, and being C2P that probably won’t fill. I’ve since pulled Ariel, Alberich, and Viv on single pulls. Suppose there’s worse problems.


Two of our alliance members are getting married in April and we had a virtual bachelor and bachelorette parties via our Line group. It seems like the silliest thing ever but at least half our alliance was involved. 1200 messages later… We lost war the next day due to massive hangovers but well worth it! :laughing:


I’ve shared elsewhere I here how I did not want to join a game with a community. I wanted something simple that I could play in my own after playing another alliance based game. And here I am now.

It seems like I’ve played this game in phases. At first I was in the learning the game phase. Then I was I. The alliance phase to play titans but was in a fairly quiet alliance on purpose. Then I was in a growth phase - to this day I don’t think I’ve ever beat a 4* titan as my first alliance couldn’t get there and the new one was on 5*.

This forum was new to me - I’ve never been part of a forum before. My anniversary date should probably be about 3 months earlier. I went to sign up a few times but never got the email. Oh I knew it was probably with spam but never looked. One day, I did.

And here I am. Not only recognized on the forum but a mod who has been recognized by staff. Truth be told, I was interested in wing a mod even though I never said I was - seemed like you’re not supposed to say and wait to see if you’re invited. That’s actually a character flaw of mine and I’ve missed out on stuff having not wanting to invite myself (when in many cases people asked why I didn’t go somewhere and they laughed at me when I said I wasn’t invited).

So here is a memory of mine. When invited to mod, I was invited for a chat with @Petri and @KiraSG. I recognize Petri from the forum, but didn’t realize how involved Kira was until then. Also, I never knew if you pronounced his name pee-tree or peh-tree. @Duaneski posted a video once where he called him pee-tree so I figured that was that. Well, I never asked in the call but heard him called to by name from Kira so I now know how to pronounce @Petri. So that’s my moment I’ll share. :slight_smile:

And yes, I’m enjoying the phase of the game I’m currently in, which is highly tied to the forum and my role as a mod. I hope to continue to help out here and appreciate everyone’s patience when I screw up. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I’m not interested in birthday award I started when u started phone crashed had to start again was a member of a great alliance and the leader decided to quit and the team nominated me to b leader I am not a gamer so this responsibility I took seriously I didn’t want the position but they believed in my values I had 5 5 star teams before the emblems came to b and well I had the charger for the phone broke so I had a choice and I chose to start all over again for the third time lol but at least this time I remember my password what has brought me back has always been the people yes I’m selective but they r good people even in general chat I will say this in all honesty if it wasn’t for this game I wouldn’t b playing anything this phone is for work and my family that’s it


So now I’m a member of a new alliance and u might ask why 3 times because of the people the members r understanding compassionate yet still want to play and exceed and they want u to succeed as well that is important to me so if crap happens again I’ll start over again

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My first HOTM Pull with Alasie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We’ve been a couple since then :grin:


In 3 years first time I commented first time I played was lutolobo second time was lutolobo1(final destination) third time eagle:-)

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