3rd Anniversary Forum Challenge - Share Your E&P Memories! 🎁 (Challenge Finished)

Some moments like this one.

Few minutes ago.

An ally worried because he doesn’t go out war, and he’s now at hospital with his new baby.

War? Who cares about war! We’re now 31 in the alliance. Go now and share us some photos of this little princess.

SG moments.


I started playing Empires and Puzzles a little over a year ago (mid February). I was waiting in a food court for work on my car to be done and was looking for a way to kill time. I started looking on Google Play for something to keep my attention and I noticed this game. I said to myself “This looks cool, I like match three games…and theres a base building aspect as well!”.

After playing for about an hour I was hooked. I love the way the game looked/played and I became a fan. I purchased the year vip pass and haven’t looked back since. One of the few times I don’t mind spending money (and sometimes a lot of money…lol) for a free game that I enjoy. I want to support this game because I’ve had so many hours of fun playing it.

My first Legendary was Kunchen and we’ve been rollin through this game ever since. Love this game and I hope it continues to do well in the comining years!



First 5 star: my daughter pulled the Queen of Hearts for me after ~2 months of playing and she was so excited :slight_smile: she still loves her :slight_smile:

Alliance things: first 9* titan, first 10* titan, first time above 4000 points in war, first time above 5000 points in war - oh and of course our alliance baby: the mother said, maybe she couldn’t do the war flags in the evening because of the birth, but the next day then :smiley: she did it^^ I think, I would not have been able to play after the birth of my daughter^^ I have a great alliance, since some weeks I’m leader and it’s doing great for a long long while with ups and downs, but more ups :smiley: (I joined ~13 months ago)


Long time player, Dec ‘17. I have so many favorite memories. First was reaching #1 in the US after a year of playing. Then a few months later, reaching Global #1, which was the the first on many. But my absolute favorite memory is when I found out that my wife had started playing. She had started off in an alliance that helped her navigate her way through the game. (She hadn’t told me she was playing). Her ultimate goal was to kick my butt in a raid. Lol. Now she’s in my alliance and I couldn’t be more proud.


Playing for 1.5 years with several great memories.

Reaching #1 spot in Germany and later in the game even global for sure was a memorable moment;

or winning the war where we finally used all our flags for the first time by 2 points (I still keep the screenshot)

and most of all: ending up here with all of you guys, especially (not meant to be complete) zephyr, rook, barry, garanwyn, guvnor, and many more…


Happy 3rd Anniversary, Empires and Puzzles.

I have friends who played gotcha / lootbox / card building games before on their phones for years, and just never took interest in playing one myself. Until January 9, 2018 when I downloaded the game on a whim. Not having played any game of this sort means I didn’t know what to expect except the pretty graphics and match 3 mechanism. Back then, there is only Season 1, and only the HoTM available as the 5* (Natalya was the HoTM then).

My thought process was after a few weeks of addicted playing was, when and if I will ever be able to get one of those shiny 5* heroes because I can’t seem to get them out of summoning portals and they just don’t drop on loots (Hey, I didn’t know any better back then). It is upon discovering the forums and learning that there is still hope for a Free to Play player like myself, and that’s Training Camp 20.

For the longest period of time that I remembered, I only had Melendor, Kelile, and Li Xiu as my 4* and these were out of single 300 gem or Elite Hero Token summons. I also didn’t have strong enough troops to help me do enough damage or survive the later Season 1 stages, so there was a lot of back and forth, replay earlier stages, get stronger, and I eventually reached a point in which I couldn’t ascend either of the 3 because I couldn’t get enough ascension materials for any of them and they’d be sitting at 3^60 and get slaughtered by enemy mobs and I’d be failing on Rare Quests because they simply aren’t strong enough. Eventually, through Titan drops, Mystic Vision, and Chests, I finally got enough to fully ascend one of them.

Fondest Memory 1: The day I took Melendor to 4^70. He is still squishy, but my first maxed 4* hero! Huzzah!

Discovering the forum and learning from vets that I should ditch the evenly leveling of the buildings (which was what I did in the past) and focus fire to Training Camp 20. Which I did and started to do late March of that year. Took me until July of the year (because I did not use a VIP Pass, which wasn’t even available yet) to start my first TC20 session.

Fondest Memory 2: First TC20 and out spitting my first 4* Purple (Cyprian) and first 4* Blue (Sonya) to complete my first Rainbow 4*

Fondest Memory 3: TC20 spat out my first 5* (Azlar) and not long after, Isarnia, my favorite hero to this date (the day I pulled her out of TC20 still felt surreal). Because I feel that I’ve actually reached a certain group, and somewhat elite status of players holding 5* heroes on their roster.

Most of the details of my journey are somewhat blogged here:
(Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P)

2 years and change later, Isarnia is still the strongest hero I have on my roster, and as I’ve said before, She is the Queen, everyone else is just extras.

Finally, Fondest Memory 4 has to go out to my Alliance Technicolor Minds. Which I formed prior to my first TC20 production by grabbing some active players out of my first alliance that was about to go belly up. Not knowing if it will ever amount to anything, but we went from barely killing 3* to being able to off some 10* now, not bad for a casual alliance. Our alliance had some ups and downs and most of the group have been intact for a good year to and year and a half (some were even original members who moved with me).

Happy Anniversary again, Empire and Puzzles.


I’ve been playing for almost 2.5 years so there’s been a lot of fond memories. Ones that stand out are:

  1. Finally finding an amazing alliance, where you can laugh out loud with your mates and still have that competitive spirit.

  2. Pulling Misandra and Tarlak the first time the Atlantis portal was open. I was in complete shock and joy.

  3. Finally pulling that elusive Guinevere! I know she’s no longer reigning queen, but she holds a special place in my roster.


С днем рождения моя любимая игра!!! Это первая игра, которая попала мне в сердце! Мое самое приятное воспоминание это Victor о котором я мечтала, как только я его увидела! Благодаря вам я нашла много новых хороших друзей! Е&Р я желаю вам процветания!!!:hugs::kissing_heart:

(Mod translation via Google):
Happy birthday is my favorite game!!! This is the first game that hit my heart! My most pleasant memory is Victor, which I dreamed about as soon as I saw him! And he became mine! Thanks to you, I have made many good new friends! E&P I wish you prosperity !!! :hugs::kissing_heart:


My favorite memory is what got me hooked on this game and I never looked back. Decided to give some Atlantis summons a go back in November of 2018. First pull was a Triton and I was stoked about it. This was back when I first started playing so I didn’t even know what a 5* looked like in my roster. Second pull was a 3* and out popped Zim with the bonus pull! I just sat there and stared at the screen for what felt like an eternity lol didn’t even know how the bonus rolls worked for the HOTM back then and thought it was some kind of bug. Anyway, here I am about a year and a half in to the game and still love every minute of it!


Happy Anniversary E&P! :partying_face:

I have SO many memories of this game I can’t even pick one favorite.

I got here from an ad in another game and had no idea where I was getting myself into. I got hooked.

I’ve been to a bunch of Alliances since I started, had that big 5* (Magni!) pull with a Mystic Vision Token, NEVER pulled Wilbur from so many pulls at the Atlantis portal, but the Forums and the people I met here are my favorite memory.

There are so many people I truly enjoy playing this game, but it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention the ones that made a big difference for me, that made E&P more than just any other game. Thank you @Garanwyn @Bruno82 @Hrairoo @zephyr1 @JonahTheBard @Kitten and @nevarmaor. Even when you are not always around, thinking of you always make me smile :blush:

And nothing would be possible if it wasn’t for our Beloved Lady AIFE, Protector of the Tiles and Good Sense of Humor!

May the Aife reign for much more years to come!

Should I also include…

  • @Rigs (just to annoy the guy by throwing him as a poll option)
  • @Voidstrike (because I know he wants it!)
  • @zephyr1 (again, because well… this Forum!)
  • Other iconic Forumites I can’t tag because there’s a maximum per post… (please, name your faves)
  • Aife
  • Renfeld
  • Tuck, Friar

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My best memory is from when I started July 2019. I bought some gems and got Lianna, Grimm and Boldtusk, I tried the portal again and got Gafar and Seshat as a bonus. A few days later I tried again and got a second Seshat. I was thinking it was easy to get good heroes, but I learned that it is not so.


I’ve been playing this darn game for over two years now! What’s up with that?

There are so many great memories.

My first HOTM after two months (what the heck is that?).
My first alliance war and actually getting a couple one-shots.
The first time I passed 2600 cups (to instantly drop 450 in a few hours)

Discovering the RCT and reading “just one more post” until it was 3am on a workday
Reading @Garanwyn’s excellent posts on strategy and probabilities (man I miss him)
Getting my first ever like from @Brobb!

But I think the absolute best was chatting with my alliance mates and discovering just how worldwide we were. We’d become friends because of the game and we were all across the spectrum, all around the world. That was amazing. It emphasizes the commonality of humanity, something we often lose track of.


Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!

Der beste Moment war der, wo ich den besonderen Humor erkannte. Auf die Aufforderung, etwas zu Essen zu besorgen, kommen als erstes ein paar Ratling-Krieger. Erinnerte mich an die Burger-Szene in ‘Demolition Man’ :slight_smile:


moderator translation

The best moment was when I recognized the special humor. When asked to get something to eat, a few ratling warriors come first. Reminded me of the burger scene in ‘Demolition Man’


Happy birthday :beer::beers::hotdog:
Been playing a year as springvale was on when I first started. Been with one alliance now co-leader thanks to this place and people on here giving awesome information and spare time to make this game even better. so I can help new people in my alliance or on here.


My favorite moment was I got Mother North on single token pull.


I have a few I’ve really enjoyed, passing the 3k and 4k defence team mark felt epic at the time. Completing my first legendary event as i remember watching the big people play it when I was nowhere near ready myself and thinking wow i can’t wait to do that too some day. Pulling Alberich was super, and just recently Tyr and Sif together in a pull was epic. So many great memories here and hopefully many more to come. Love this game!


I haveany good memories from this game, but I think my favorite was my first event top 10 finish, is July of last year, getting in at the 10th spot, only 36 points ahead of the next player! Events are definitely stressful at the top, but also very rewarding when you’re able to rank where you want.

I’ve also shared some very special moments with alliance mates, from beating very tough teams in wars to just having a good time and joking around.


Game memories.
There are so many.
My first hotm.
The first time I stepped on the global top 100.
When I defeated the Dark Lord …
A special one when the mother of a member of the alliance died, that day we got a 9-star Titan Gallo dragon that was the maximum we had. I decided that titan had to fall, yes or yes. To be able to offer it in his honor. The whole alliance collaborated to kill him as quickly as possible, spending everything they had.

My most special memory in this forum.
Among so many laughs. I choose the first message I wrote, which was blocked for writing it in Spanish. I had a long and constructive private discussion with a moderator. @Rook you proved to be patient. :joy::joy::joy:


My son was diagnosed with autism at an early age. He’s a young adult now, and gaming has been an important part of his life. I’ve always encouraged his gaming as I saw far more benefits than detriments, and would commonly watch him play. He would sometimes ask me to play a game with him, but he’d quickly get frustrated because I couldn’t keep up with him. :slight_smile:

A year ago, I stumbled upon this game and thought “this is a RPG that even I can play!” I have been playing hard since.

About 4 months into playing, my son came for a visit. He asked what I was doing on my iPad because I was using it more frequently than before. I was so happy to share, and he was so impressed that I was established in a game! With an Alliance even! “Do you talk in chat mom? When you’re in a group like that you have to do your part.” He wanted to know the details of the game, had to look through all my hero cards, and was so excited to share connections to other games, movies and stories. “Mom, you have the monkey king! That’s awesome! Does he summons clones? No? Well, that’s okay, his art is cool!”

In the moment, I was on the verge of tears because I had made a new connection with my son that I hadn’t even anticipated. Absolutely priceless!!

He joined the game for a short while but had a hard time getting time to participate in AW due to his work schedule…and he can’t stand for anything less than 100% game performance, lol. Now, every time he visits he wants an update and will patiently review all new hero cards. And he’ll confidently tell me, “mom, you’re doing really good in your game, good for you.” Words he has heard from me so many times. :blush:


Oh yeah, one other in-forum fave was that time a bunch of us copied @Kayo’s avatar :rofl:


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