3rd Anniversary Forum Challenge - Share Your E&P Memories! 🎁 (Challenge Finished)

I started June 2017 hero of the month hel after two months I received ares the most beautiful memory of my first alliance where I grew up and after three years still playing maybe it’s time to stop things got too challenging good third anniversary SG

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Favorite memories are making friends with alliance members. We have not met in person but some of us have sent christmas cards to each other and condolence packages when family members pass away.

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Playing this amazing game since nov 2017. Sooo many great memories, but my proudest moment was my first 6 onehits at alliance wars. :hugs:
Happy anniversary, really love this game!

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I started to play almost from the start of the project.
The best memories… It was on November 13, 2018. My birthday. 4 heroes 5* In one day!!! Great present from my favourite game!!!

Two spring to mind:

  1. My very first 5* hero, which was Joon. I can remember being (for some reason!) pretty disappointed with him to begin with! But my alliance buddies convinced me he was a good hero and they were right. He’s also the first 5* hero I maxed out lvl/ascension wise and he’s still in my first team to this day.

  2. Today, as I just got my highest Titan score; 94,261 :grin:

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My favourite moment is getting picked from the 2nd anniversary to win 600 gems, for sharing my previous fav moment :grin:


My favorite E&P memory was the fanart competition. It was really fun to blend my creativity and love for the game and see the other artists share their talents.

Next to that has to be beating one of my E&P idols in a raid lol I got to claim Victory over Aeryn for a short while until she revenged me.

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My favorite E and P memory was during war when we were 49 points behind with 1 flag left. We got 51 points on that last fog and won by 2 points! The whole alliance was commenting during that final battle. It was thrilling when that victory appeared.

I’m sure this has been stated many times already but my best memories are the friends I have made and continue to make here on the forums. I was lost as a new player until I found and joined these forums. I’ve watched many great and helpful players leave which brought me great sadness but I’ve also watched new players take their places. Not that their guidance will ever be forgotten, just added to by new faces. 

I’ve never been in another forum with such friendly, helpful players. Very little drama or Ego’s here. Just answers to questions of any kind.
The mods are the best I’ve ever encountered (I’m old and have modded many gamer groups) their patience and expertise is beyond reproach.
So to all my old friends and the ones I know I’ll meet, thank you for all you have done to make the forums a 2nd home.

P.S Can I borrow an extra Telluria? I know someone who got 3 bonus Telluria’s on one pull…you don’t need all 3? Not to mention I’m so poor I can’t pay attention🤪


Любимые “Empires and puzzles”. Победа в вашем конкурсе стала одним из самых счастливых моментов в моей жизни, так как для творчества нет ничего важнее, чем внимание. Я визжала, как маленький счастливый поросенок, когда забрала посылку и прогуляла первый урок в школе, чтобы ее открыть. Нет для художника ничего важнее, чем творчество, которое оценили, спасибо!!!
С днем рождения, замечательные! Бесконечно люблю и жду новых крутых обновлений:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Favorite “Empires and puzzles”. Winning your competition has become one of the happiest moments in my life, because for creativity there is nothing more important than attention. I squealed like a little happy piglet when I took the package and skipped the first lesson in school to open it. There is nothing more important for an artist than creativity that was appreciated, thanks !!! Happy birthday, wonderful! I love forever and am waiting for new cool updates :heart_eyes:


Favourite Memories So Many

Pulling Layla 1st 2* Bane 1st 3* Caedmon 1st 4* and HOTM Khiona 1st 5* Awesome moments. Layla is still leveled till date and still sits in my rooster.

Joined a casual alliance and left a to join more active one.

Killing my 1st 8*, 9*, 10*, 11 & 12* Titans. Also breaking 79k score on a titan.

Finding the forum and getting all the good advices and meeting the most resourceful people.

Completing season 1 and season 2 easy and hard…

My team breaking TP of 4k…" One of the Best"

Learning about stacking colours and mono raiding styles. Also stacking colours for different titans to get good scores.

One shotting higher teams in war with TP much higher than mine…Best feeling Ever

Finishing Rare, Epic and Legendary events + Seasonal Events as well as Rare Quests " Gold Moments*

Too many to mentions …thank you EnP and Happy birthday

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After player this game for almost 3 years, I have a lot of great memories. However, one particular moment stands apart from the rest and technically it’s not mine lol.

I work with my twin brother who also plays this game and we are in the same alliance together. It’s Saturday, it’s raining and we work outdoors. The whole day was going badly and my brother and I were arguing which resulted in an hour of working in silence. My brother marched up to me defiantly, holding his phone with empires open and said, “Well, since this day can’t get any worse, I’ll just use this epic token I got from my wanted mission.” So he hit the summon button before I could tell him not to waste it and the gate opened… Dawa… BONUS DRAW SESHAT!!!
We were both so happy as it was his first 5* purple. Our whole argument had melted away and the hour journey home from work was full of excitement instead of silence.
My twin brother isn’t a member here so he just relies on me to update him. Therefore, I’d like him to get the prize since it was his pull but our memory.


So many great memories in almost 3 years of playing (will be 3 yrs on May 17th).
This game is awesome
If I have to pick a personal favorite memory it was that first event win. After months of pushing, competing, figuring out strategies and just missing out, that 1st win felt super awesome!

But more general it’s the community, the people that I’ve got to know and the friendships that have been created in game and out!

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My favorite memory would have to be when I pulled my first HOTM. It was Khiona!! I was waiting and waiting for a 5* hero and my first one was a great one. Then I had to wait what seems like a lifetime to get the Royal Tabard to get her ascended.


I was in the game for about 6 months, fending for myself. Just trying to accomplish things the best I could. Then I thought, “I wonder if there’s any tips online on how to better assemble a team?”. BEHOLD!! I discovered the forum! What a boost for game play and enjoyment. I have since spent at least as much time on the forum than actual playing. This even surpasses the memory of pulling Mother North after 1 month of play.

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This one isn’t so much a favorite memory as much as it is one of thanks. A year and a half ago I had to undergo surgery, I’ll spare you the details of that nightmare, and the road to healing was a quite painful one but was tolerable thanks to some distractions. Empires & Puzzles being the MVP! If it weren’t for E&P’s I’d probably rely on opioids my doctor’s prescribed and who knows how I would’ve turned out after that… you guys were a helping hand and a crutch during one of the most painful experiences I had. Thanks for everything and happy anniversary! Looking forward to year 4 and many more!


Mi recuerdo e que empece muy mal no me daba heroes de 5 pero ahora ya e mejorado gracias a my paciencia i a mi alianza impereio de dragones

My memory and that I started very badly did not give me heroes of 5 but now I have already improved thanks to my patience and my imperative dragon alliance

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My favorite memory is creating my alliance, and getting my sister totally addicted to the game, and getting her to join me! Now our alliance has reached 200k score and we’re taking down 10* titans! It’s a lot of fun and I’ve made many friends. Cheers E&P


Seems we all have similar favorites.
My 1st 5*, getting not one, but two Evelyn’s in a 10 pull.
Ascending, then maxing out my 1st team of 5*s.
Leaving an inactive alliance and forming my own. Most of my alliance started as newbies and it’s been great watching them grow to elites.
Coming back from behind in wars.
Mostly it’s when my wife and I were having difficulties, this game was one of the things that kept us together while we worked through our problems in couples consoling.
Thank you, keep up the great work.


My memories is about last year in january i get hotm frida and in february i get azghot that was amazing, i was so happy and i was in love in the game so much, happy anniversary to all players and community. :smile:


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