3rd Anniversary Forum Challenge - Share Your E&P Memories! 🎁 (Challenge Finished)

EDIT (2020-03-09T11:39:00Z): Thank you all for sharing your wonderful E&P memories! The challenge is now finished and we have picked our lucky winners. Congratulations to the winners!

Happy 3rd Anniversary of Empires & Puzzles! :tada:

To celebrate this special occasion, we are hosting a special

Birthday Forum Challenge! :birthday:

:writing_hand: How to Enter

Share your favorite E&P memories below!

:calendar: Deadline

We’ll pick 3 lucky winners on Monday, 2020-03-08T22:00:00Z!

:gift: Prizes

Each of the 3 randomly picked winners will be rewarded with 100 Valhalla Coins, 10 Costume Keys, AND 100 Atlantis Coins!

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It’s great that this Challenge has attracted an international audience, but I would like to remind that the official forum language is English. That being said, we can make an exception for this challenge. Please do note that if you are sharing your memories in any other language than English, I would kindly ask you to add an English translation. To be able to do this, you can use one of the online machine translation services such as Google translate: https://translate.google.com/. Otherwise, your post may get flagged or deleted/moved. Thank you and good luck! :slight_smile:


So many great memories in almost 3 years of playing (will be 3 yrs on May 17th).

If I have to pick a personal favorite memory it was that first event win. After months of pushing, competing, figuring out strategies and just missing out, that 1st win felt super awesome!

But more general it’s the community, the people that I’ve got to know and the friendships that have been created in game and out!


Can i participate?
I started to play early august in 2019.
I still remember gathering gems to use the elemental portal summon.
It was a day , reaching the end of august where i managed to gather 300 gems. I entered the portal and started to see Grazul. I didnt even had a 3* red.

I summoned and It was Sabina and suddenly another thing happened, a new summoning that i didnt know by that time. And there was her… My flaming Grazul, my first 5* , my first HOTM with less then a month playing.

And i was Happy


Happy Anniversary E&P and all the players :slight_smile:

My sweetest memory. I started playing in January 2019. Almost immediately I checked this forum and start reading and learning….and laughing and having fun together with playing the game and growing. One of the first big impressions was Gravemaker. I needed that guy and yes…a few months later he was highlighted as returning HOTM.

I spent some bucks, let’s say I’m C2P. But that day…I was thinking…no I was sure I would pull him first thing in the morning within a maximum of 20 pulls.

But no…RNG was not on my side. What was I thinking!!!

Ok, another ten pull. Nothing….just a few more pulls…nothing.

I was angry, sad, dissapointed, didn’t understand and my face was on war-mode for the rest of the day.
At night, in bed right before going to sleep I said to myself…do it now, go to sleep and whatever the outcome is…forget tomorrow. And you guess, there he was. Gravemaker.

The sadness, frustration and most of all the spent money, it was al forgotten. Because I had the Man and Hero. Still extremely happy and no regrets. He is a winner and cult already and oh how I love cult :slight_smile:


I just passed my two year anniversary and by far it’s the longest I have ever played any game.

As @TheChef said above I think that my best memories are being made as we speak.

The people of this forum have really been there for me the last couple of months and with that being said I won’t drag that subject on as I want this to stay a happy post.

And hey I can’t even begin to imagine any other corporation whose employees would reach out to an individual that plays their game. @Petri please make sure that everybody there knows how much I appreciate each and everyone of you.

My earliest memories of playing the game evolve around being uneducated and downright stupid.

I don’t want to make a list but I do remember feeding away many many good heroes in the first six months. :joy::rofl::joy:

But that’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for the fun and thanks for the memories.

But most of all thanks for the big hearts that make this community what it is.



I started playing in the month Aegir was released, which I think was October 2018. I did a pull and was confused when the portal kind of stalled for a bit after delivering my summon (don’t remember who it was anymore). Then Aegir popped out! I didn’t even know how the HOTM mechanic worked at the time, so was befuddled.

That was the first of my many now-hilarious misconceptions about the game. For months I also thought Wilbur was Kerridoc, since I had only seen him in the forum and not yet in the game.

@Petri, thanks for sharing the stats! Of the 8.1 billion map battles, how many are Season 1, Province 8, board 7? :stuck_out_tongue:


I was Guin tank hunting to record and post on YouTube. Came across a 4.4k team with my 3.3k dark mono team.

I did better than expected and ended up winning. As usual I thank the defender for the game but I as was about to, I only then realised I had just raided and defeated NittanyLionRoar, on of my favourite E&P YouTubers.

And of course, it’s posted online so it can be verified :sweat_smile:


A long time ago…
was recruited in the middle of the night by a charming human being…
let’s say 2 but one was even more charming
we met
we loved each other
no baby girl Lixiu nor baby boy Melendor after that
but it’s quite a memory for me !
all the excellent people i met after that,
and hours of excitation and fun,
this game rocks !


I’ve only been playing since July’19, but already so many memories… joining my first (and still only!) alliance, where I lucked out because it’s like a good family (Legends in Training). Pulling my first 5* (Elkanon, who remains 3/60). Struggling through the maps with no healer until I pulled Rigard (still my main healer). And most recently getting promoted to co-leader of my alliance — the leader and other co-leader are the founders.

I started reading these forums to become a better player and help my alliance, and wow. Such a great community on the whole. Thanks tons to all the moderators for their endless patience. To the data collectors like BarryWuzHere, yelnats, and Mai. And especially to the forum members who are always willing to share tips and tricks, such as Guvnor and IvyTheTerrible. I’m missing so many off those lists. Thank you all.

Looking forward to what SGG will bring us this next year. So far I think it’s off to a great start!


Started in September of 18, Buddy and Rigard were my first 4* heroes. Then Lianna was my first 5*. Seshat was my first HOTM and have had every HOTM since, exception being Neith. I’ve received almost every hero I’ve wanted, minus MN…but learned to try to be better at saving, so saving up until this Christmas. But it’s been a very fun almost 3 years. Joined an alliance on day 5, been with them ever since and love my group. The wife started a few days after and we enjoy playing together and sharing summons.


My favourite: Starting an alliance at level 8. Recruited so many higher level players that showed blind faith in such a noob! Not to mention the outcry in GC!! :rofl::rofl:. Talk about being ripped to shreds for even trying. But so many cheering on, giving the encouragement… Shout out to MADWARRIOR!!! Now level 48 and still kicking! #memories


The proudest moment for me in this game :-

  1. My first 3 star Hero - Bane
  2. My first 4 star Hero - Kiril
  3. My first 5 star Hero - Domitia

And I enjoy using them in most of my battles and challenge. I do lose and win. But its very satisfying to play this game, again and again.

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary. God Bless You All.


Happy anniversary!

There are so many E&P memories I could share here.

Pulling the first 4 star hero! -> Boldtusk
Pulling the first 5 star hero! -> Albericht after playing for a few months
Ascending Albericht nearly half a year later! (Yes I still don’t get tonics!)
Finishing a challenge event top 100 before the revamp!

But what made this game amazing is our crew The Pirate Horde (no hidden advertising!). These awesome moments taking down our first 12star titan! Winning the first war with 0 flags remaining!
Trolling @anc1ent1 ,blaming @Lumpson for missing rum, drinking captain @zephyr1 's rum, @voidstrike 's bad jokes in the featured message and much much more!


My favorite memory is of this one post I made, right here, in this thread. That made me win this raffle, best moment EVER!


I finally got to a high enough level to join a clan. I was exatatic. I joined one that I found in the app that looked ‘cool’. They were finishing up a titan and I didnt get a chance to hit it since I was just saying hi. Then they kicked me for not hitting the titan of course. I came on here and met some really great people and they convinced me to join them in their clan. They are an awesome group, very nice, and super supportive. Some times things just work out the way they are supposed to.


Wow … so many good memories … way too many to enumerate … mainly alliance related.

But seriously … just give all the prizes to @zephyr1! He deserves the lot!!


Started playing September of 17. After while I joined an alliance with couple of more experienced players in it. I remember marveling their trophy amounts (and heroes they had) thinking I’ll never catch up to them.

I soon learned to embrace the challenge of raiding, wins and especially defeats. Since I had no 5* heroes (wasn’t lucky and / or not spending that much) I had to become tactically astute and one day I realised I could, by winning just one more raid, momentarily have more trophies than anyone else in the alliance. I spent a good while trying to find an opponent, who I thought I could beat and get enough trophies from. Eventually I found suitable opponent and despite being very nervous throughout the raid in question, managed to win and achieve the goal which, at the time of joining said alliance, seemed impossible. To this day I’m still proud of that achievement.


Happy official anniversary!

As for best memories where do I start?

1st favourite memory has got to be when I joined my 1st active alliance with ZERO Fallen, I learnt so much from the players there that I was privileged to pass on to others. They became like a family to me.

Next has to be my 1st ever 100k titan hit which I even got recorded so can go back an watch any time.

Another favourite memory was the day Fallen broke into the top 100 after months of hard work and dedication.

This game has created so many lasting friendships and amazing memories I can’t choose just 1. And best of all the story continues with new memories created every day


Joining the 100k+ club after playing since September 2018.


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