350 FREE Gems?

LOL what they’re “trying” to do is generate interest in their new store so they can bypass the Google/Apple cut – eliminate the middleman. Nice has nothing to do with it.


They’re trying to pull an Epic Game move by selling directly to players without Apple.

For the people from Belgium, don’t bother trying to get those 350 gems.
I received the following comment from contact support:

From regions where in-app purchases are unavailable, players will not able to access the new
Empires & Puzzles website or claim the Black Friday Gift (350 Gems).

We thank you for your understanding.


“So if you won’t/can’t buy stuff from us, you can screw your gift”.

That’s basically what they are saying. Even though it’s perfectly possible to drop a world flask in your ingame inbox before every event, 350 gems as a gift is to f’in hard.

Nice move SG. You should be proud of yourselves! :+1:

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It’s only marketing. Why get so worked up?

This is the E&P forums. It exists for many simply to get worked up.



thx Casual_gamer,

No bothering chasing it anymore.

Kind regards

I am starting to think not being able to connect is a good thing. For the measly price of a few lost gems I will be worry-free about spending at all once they cut ties with Google Store :+1:

Doesn’t work and it’s not worth the effort. I contacted support. Will I get an answer and get your gift? Unlikely.

Not sure who is responsible for Customer Experience, but the hurdle to replace him/her is low

I can’t download the 350 game gift from the forum. Is this some kind of scam. I click on it and nothing comes up in the game, why don’t you send it straight to the game in messages thank you


Have you tried these steps on your device where you play the game ?


Having the same issues and I can’t find anywhere to contact the devs. Really frustrating

I am having the same issue.

I’ve tried to get the gift on two devices that I play the game on. On both I used the default browser (Firefox), but it won’t connect and keeps telling me that I should use the default browser on the device where I’m playing…

I even tried with Chrome and the “default” internet browser on my Samsung tablet. No luck.

And no way to open a ticket somewhere in game.

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Here it doesn’t work either, I’ve also tried several times with no results. it’s a bit frustrating though! why not just get them in the game?

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@Agneske @JiriRanes @Nephewsrock

Welcome to the forum there is solutions scroll up

There are some tips in the topic …

Yah gonna have to scroll up around post 215 :point_up_2: :slight_smile: staff answer in post 305

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The store will not tie to my game

Bonsoir, je n’arrive pas à récupérer mon cadeau

Tips to resolve it by Staff:

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Why not just gift those gems in the game itself because some people are not able to access them through the forum. I greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness, but don’t create more problems than it’s worth.


I agree i cannot acces my gems and now its gona go lost.they wont help me sent several emails each time same lame awnser

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