3407 Teampower - Looking for active Alliance

Active player from the Netherlands looking for active Alliance. Teampower is 3407 and Cups are only around 1000 (for easy quests…) but who cares about cups anyways! Let me know if you have a spot available.

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We have space at Ghosts of Titans Passed. We are all active and cups requirement is only 800. Come check us out and see if it is a good fit.

Corvina, that’s not the proper capitalization of your alliance.

House of Pain has a spot for an active Titan hitter. Laid back group, need the cups to get in, but lots of our members keep em low on purpose too.

We kill just about every 8* titan we get if everyone hits. 9’s are tough, but we have done it before.

My apologies. Ghosts of TITanS pASSed. It will still bring it up if you don’t use the exact capitalization.


We the Alliance Brotherhoods still has room and look forward to every player :slight_smile:

We have a spot in the Original Guardians. Alliance leader is Lunalovegood. Come find us.

Dslayer is accepting new members.

Téam Canada Eh! Would be the perfect fit for you! We are growing our heroes as a team and currently have two spots open.

Come play with a great group of daily players!

The Slayers Guild is recruiting members. Active in Titans and Chat. A team united and advancing together. Also active on Line app for more functional communication.

Please let me know when you find a home…I will close the thread after you are happily landed. :slight_smile:

I joined an awesome guild today thanks to this forum, thanks for replying everyone!

Thread can be closed Room.

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