3300TP what players to keep long term (holy team)


My main team is G. Jackel, D. Fong, Sabina, Caedmon and Grimm. Just picked up Marjana, Justice, Melandor and scarlett. I have LJ, Chao, Boril, Gormek, Rigard, Colin and Kelile. I leveled up Marjana and plan to put her in Caedmons place. I figure i would keep Jackel and Fong in for ever. My team hits all but holy titans great and i do good subing LJ in for events. I thought if i pull Vivica i would have an awesome holy team, especially if i pull Wu Kong too. Is there something i am missing with my team? Who should I remove? Is there someone better then Grimm? I am finding it harder to get specials off when i am fighting teams around 3600tp.

The questions you are asking can’t be answered with a straightforward answer.

Selecting heroes for your teams depends on what you’re up against. Challenge Events, Seasonal Events, Raids, Alliance Wars and Titans often ask for different team setups. I understand that you have a selection of stronger heroes and tend to use them more than others. Ideally, you want to have a very wide selection of heroes that will increase your adaptability. You’re getting there step by step, but for now you will be able to make plenty of progress still!

I always suggest players to focus on building teams to increase your titan scores and to beat all Challenge Event/Special Quests/Seasonal Events stages more easily. These are the key-features to obtain ascension materials from.

  1. Any hero in the 4*+ category, which increases your attack or defense. E.g. Kiril, Boldtusk & Magni. Especially the attack boosters will increase your Titan scores significantly.

  2. Rigard is probably the best allround 4* healer. His ability to cure status ailments from all of your allies is fantastic. Almost all titans, bosses or heroes in raids can debuff your heroes, so Rigard’s ability is simply priceless.

  3. Instead of Sabina I would always include Rigard. If you need a hero who can dispell buffs from your opponent, then Caedmon can achieve this very well with his fast mana.

  4. Grimm and Gormek have the special skill called Ramming Pulverizer. They lower defences and allow you to deal more damage; increasing your Titan scores and chances on beating bosses faster. Both Tiburtus and Wilbur have this ability in their special skill also, but you don’t have them yet.

  5. Are you lacking ascension materials to upgrade your 4* heroes to their final ascension? If not, I would recommend you to focus on leveling up 1 hero of each color at a time.

Not with the same special skill. Grimm is the best one of the Ramming Pulverizer trio. However, depending on the color of the titan and opponents, it could be a better move to bring Gormek. E.g. a green titan – Gormek will be the better choice, especially if he’s fully ascended.

Are you raiding with a rainbow colored attack team? This requires more matches or cascades to have your specials charged at the same time. Stacking multiple heroes of the same color and focussing on this color allows you to get more than one special ready at the same time.

E.g. If you’re using Gormek, Colen, Kelile and manage to get a nice red cascade or diamond going, you will burn through your opponents heroes quite easily with both tile damage and special attacks after that.

Is team 1 or 2 marked as your defense team?


Yes. Vivica, Wu Kong, Drake, G. Jackhal and Chao will make up a nice holy team.

For now don’t get rid of anyone, unless you have a lot of unleveled 3* heroes? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. Team one is my defense team. My question with Grimm: is there a better special skill? I know his attack is good, i am just trying to find how to build a better team. I could level Justice to 3/70 and have blinding - i just don’t know where the pay off is between different skill sets. I need boldtusk, karil or wu for the attack boost.

Also, the reason why i titled this post with team power is i feel like i am in between intermediate and advanced levels. All my 4* are at the last tier and i am just finishing the last 5 lvls on most of them. So, my question is should i be looking for 5* now, which brings me back to my Grimm question of what specials should i be looking for? I want Drake and jackel to be in. Marjana is close to having all ascension materials as is drake, so i am thinking Drake, Jackel and Marjana and two other characters like Wu and Vivica as my main team (long term)

With not getting specials in my thing is other teams now have snipers who can knock Grimm out in a single shot, so now i am trying to think of a way to keep them in the game or to charge them up before they die.


I have some unleveled 3*. Some i have been saving thinking they can help max the special skill of the same maxed out hero. I.e. Gunner 3/50 @ 7/8

Edit: I meant who to keep in the team not burn

It’s a very general question and the answer can be yes and no. Grimm has a multi-purpose function:

  1. Lowering the defense of titans to hit them harder
  2. Lowering the defense of opponents in raids and events to kill them faster

For titans there is no hero with a better special skill to replace Grimm (and Gormek or Tiburtus), except Wilbur. Wilbur increases your survivability a lot more along with the defense down debuff.

For raiding it all matters on the heroes you are fighting against and what other heroes you can use.

Take your G. Jackal for example. He has quite low defensive stats while his attack is high and his special skill is strong; a Glass Cannon. When you are fighting against him then you do not necessarily require to apply a defense down debuff in order to kill him fast.

Now take your Gormek or Rigard. Both heroes have high defense and HP stats. If you fight against them it will be easier to take them down after you have used Grimm his special attack on them.

Based on the heroes you currently have, I would stick with Grimm. Justice is slow mana and the combination of Jackal + Drake is more devastating. You can also use this combination more frequently compared to when you throw Justice into the mix. Justice is quite a good tank for your defense team, but for another role you’re better off with using different heroes.

If you’re looking for a rainbow attack team, then I would suggest:

Rigard - Grimm - Drake - Marjana - Caedmon

Here you can find the pay off in using Grimm first and targetting the same three enemies with Drake after. It will hurt them badly and you can easily finish them off with both Marjana and Caedmon as snipers.

This is where Kiril will be a huge advantage. Kiril’s defense boost increases Grimm’s survivability while also increasing his and your other heroes their attack.

Boldtusk/Kiril + Grimm -> (Jackal ->) Drake and it’s game over for 1 hero and pretty much game over for the other 2 heroes.

You can replace Grimm with Gormek in these examples of course. You can also replace Drake with Scarlett, because she also hits 3 targets with high attack stats.

If you are fighting against Gormek, Grimm, Tiburtus or Wilbur it would be smart to bring Rigard. Once one of them hits you, or your Grimm in this example, you will be able to heal + remove the status ailment / defense debuff from your own heroes. Grimm will then survive the next hit most likely.

In Challenge Events Chao and Little John will work well together by controlling mana of the bosses.

I would say not yet. 5* heroes are extremely expensive and time consuming to level up. The big advantage is that 4* heroes require less ascension materials and feeder heroes to be upgraded. Most 4* heroes at 4/70 can be used as at least equally effective as 5* heroes. Some are even ‘‘better’’ at certain roles.

Because of that I try to have at least three 4* heroes of each color before I work on a 5* hero, unless that 5* hero is a game changer or really way better than the 4* heroes I have.

So, once Jakhal is finished you will need to start working on another yellow hero. Drake will outperform both Chao and Justice and he would be the better choice (even as a 5* :wink: ) in my opinion.

I would finish 1 Gormek before any other red hero, because it will give you a stronger Ramming Pulverizer hero against green titans or bosses. After that, it’s up to you. Marjana will be very useful, but so are Colen (high tile damage) and Scarlett (nice sniper with a great special effect for both titans and raiding).

Main team for what? Again, I would really recommend to take the heroes with you suitable for the job and not rely on 1 single team. If you can adjust yourself to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent, you will win so many more raids and have significantly higher titan damage.

Unless you have many 1/2* heroes in your roster now, I would really just use some of those duplicates 3* and try to already increase the special skill of the heroes you plan to level up. Just because your capacity is 83/85 and using 10 heroes at the same time to level up 1 hero will give you higher chances to level up their special skill.

Once Rigard is near 4/70 I would definitely replace Sabina with him. Perhaps: Grimm - Jackal - Rigard - Drake - Caedmon could be a nice setup.

If Grimm fires his special, he will do so before everyone else. They then hit harder.

Jackal will provide the yellow elemental defense down debuff before Drake fires, so that Drake takes an advantage of it.

Both yellow heroes next to your purple tank. Using 2 of the same color heroes in a defense team is not recommended, because it allows easier color stacking for your challenger. If you do so then position them in a way it’s a little bit harder to take them down with tiles; next to their strong colors.

Rigard will remove status ailments from your heroes and Caedmon will snipe + dispell buffs from your opponents.

You have a nice synergy then.

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If you want an all holy ‘‘main team’’ aimed on purple titans based on the heroes you now have, the other regular heroes available from TC20 and assuming they don’t one shot Wu Kong yet, then;

  • Vivica / Jackal / Drake Fong / Joon / Wu Kong

This would only be great for purple titans and some events (if you’re running for high scores) though.

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BTW, my really short answer is “keep all your heroes”. Buy more slots, they’re cheap. Tom has given you great advice about which to level up, but don’t eat those 4* heroes—not until you have two or even three of them. (I have and use three maxed Grimms)



I got Rigard after I got Sabina to the 4th tier. If i would have known that I would get Melandor and Rigard so quick, I would have leveled them instead. Sabina has good tile damage for what it’s worth. I don’t mind Sabina on titan fights, because you can use antidotes for the titans special and Rigard might not be charged up for the occasion. Rigard is a raid defense character, but a good one.

I usually try to use Grimm-> Jackle->Drake. This is easier for titans, because you can use a super mana Grimm first thing. My qurstioning Grimm is with the knights of Avakon challenge reflecting blue. I switched Grimm out, but not for another ramming pulverizer, but for LJs mana generation buff. So, i guess with a holy team and Jackel’s special, I question if another skill is better.

If I could have one hero for events it would be Hel. If i could have one for titans it might be (outside of Wu) Evelyn, so i can do the same thing as Jackel/Drake with her and Caedmon.

I get your advice. Build up a deck of colors and skills. I have been lucky with Drake + Jackel because i never change anything and power through quests, events and even raids.

My team from L->R is Grimm, Sabina, Drake, Caedmon and Jackel.

It will depend a bit on - what star-level titans & which heroes in raid attacks - you are up against. At some point Sabina will not be able to take 2 hits from stronger titans as where Rigard will actually survive. But you’re right about being able to use antidotes and the higher tile damage. :+1:

Yes. It does probably depend a little on the specific stages of the event, but any other hero with Grimm his special could be worthwile. It does depend a little on your goal, because using a holy team in tough Guinevere levels will be challenging. I would replace one of your holy characters for Little John during this event.

Anyway; Buddy (Xmas hero), Gormek (not idealy), Wilbur and Tiburtus will be better than Grimm - while having the same special skill.

On the other hand, pure mana control heroes can also help you out a lot. But they are quite rare: Merlin, Proteus, Hansel, Gretel, Natalya, Mitsuko, Hel

Besides Evelyn, other elemental debuffers are:

  • Guardian Falcon (red)
  • Guardian Panther (purple)
  • King Arthur (blue)

We all just had a chance to obtain King Arthur last week during the Avalon Event Summon portal.

And this is where using multiple colors inside your defense team shows it’s weakness. Using Drake Fong as a tank is great. He charges fast, hits quite hard and his blinding special is annoying. Smart raiders will bring at least 2 purple heroes against you. But you also have a second yellow (Jackal), which makes your team vurnerable against color stackers.

To take away this vulnerability I would switch out Jackal for Marjana, because Jackal his defensive stats are weak anyway. I would also try and see if bringing your fast heroes to the wings will make a change in your defensive success rate. That way your average heroes also have a better chance to use their special attacks on flank positions.

E.g. Caedmon - Grimm - Drake - Sabina - Marjana

Or try putting Sabina as a tank flanked by Jackal and Drake. If your opponents stacks yellow to kill Sabina, they will struggle more with Drake and Jackal. If your opponents stack purple, they will struggle to kill Sabina as tank.

E.g. Grimm - Jackal - Sabina - Drake - Caedmon

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Well there went 200 cups. For what ever reason those alignments were not helpful.

I know your pretty enthralled with Rigard, its just that this is a holy team thread and Vivca is wildly better than Rigard. I will probably try for Vivica, Joon and Wu; as recommended above.

When events/ titans reflect yellow, I will use all the staples I.e. grimm, bold, Caedmon, Melandor.

Thanks for the advice


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